Best pots and pans: Don’t look for color, shape or convenience, look for raw material!

When you go to the market looking for the best pots and pans, what are the features you look for: the colors of the pots (matching to your backsplash…), its shape or how convenient it is to use it? Sure… these can be some considerations, but because these are going to be used for cooking healthy food, what really makes them the “best” is the raw material. Or what it’s made of?

The food is a biochemical entity and the cooking process is really a beautiful chemistry of converting raw to cooked so the nutrients can be absorbed in the body. Like any chemical process, it is important that the cooking process takes place in a pot that is inert. This is where the raw material plays a crucial role.

While all metals are innately reactive and leach into food during cooking, they are unfit for making healthy pots and pans. On the other hand, a time honored all-natural material: primary clay is completely inert in its purest form (and when made with no additives), and is the healthiest material for making the best pots and pans.

Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) – an all-American company has been making pure clay pots and pans from raw material sourced from unfarmed and non-industrialized lands in the US and shipping them around the globe through their online store. They refrain from using any additives, glazes and enamels and make cookware by the time-tested old method of throwing clay on a potter’s wheel and making pots using skillful hands: a less convenient method than any mechanized process but very effective in avoiding any chemical or metal additives. Therefore, MEC pots and pans turn out to be as healthy as their raw material and can be easily tested for toxins using a simple home test: the alkaline baking soda test.

The food cooked in MEC pots and pans is free from contaminants and thanks to gentle far-infrared heat from pure clay, the delicate nutrients like complex carbsflavonoidsphytonutrients etc. stay intact and the excellent steam management made possible by the ergonomically designed lids make sure your food is rich in water soluble nutrients.

Healthy cooks who regularly cook in pure clay have reported that their food is more delicious and keeps them full for longer, among other benefits. To experience truly healthy cooking in MEC’s best pots and pans, head over to MEC Store and order your pure clay cookware set today!

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