Looking to Cook Green & Clean? Use Pure Clay Cookware and Bakeware:

Cooking green often gives an idea of cooking foods that are green, but it really refers to cooking methods that are healthy and safe for the environment. And that requires use of a green cookware, one that is as healthy for the planet as it is for the food. This is where pure clay cookware plays the key role.

Pure Clay Cookware: Key to Cooking Green & Clean

The terms ‘green’ and ‘clean’ are not used together here just because they rhyme, cooking in pure clay is truly ‘green’ because it is good for environment and ‘clean’ because pure clay is naturally free from toxins. Let’s find out why pure clay is good for our health and the environment’s:

Clean Cooking with Pure Clay

As mentioned above, pure clay is naturally free from toxins. While conventional cookware is typically made from metals and ceramics: both leach while cooking food and contaminate it, pure clay cookware, being made without chemical additives, glazes or enamels, is 100% non-toxic. It keeps your food free from contaminants and nutritionally dense:

Unlike harsh heat from conventional cookware, the heat from pure clay is far infrared, it cooks food gently keeping delicate nutrients intact, so the food cooked in pure clay rich in nutrients like complex carbs, flavonoids and phytonutrients. An ergonomically designed pure clay pot (like the one MEC makes) can manage steam (water soluble nutrients) excellently: the lid being cooler than the pot lets steam condense on its inner surface and fall back into food. So, the food cooked in pure clay is rich in all essential nutrients and you will feel more energized and fuller for longer than usual.

Green Cooking with Pure Clay

Metals and ceramics are not just unhealthy for food, they negatively affect the environment as well. The process of mining and extraction of metals pollutes the environment in many ways and the massive deforestation caused by these processes does an irreparable damage to the planet. Disposing off metals in an eco-friendly way is a challenge the whole world is facing.

On the other hand, pure clay being an all-natural material is safe for the environment in all respects: the process of harvesting clay from earth’s surface and making pots and pans is completely eco-friendly. Also, at the end of their useful lifecycle, they go back to the same earth where they come from without affecting the environment. Therefore, pure clay is the best material for truly green cooking.

MEC: The home to Pure Clay Cookware

Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) is a US-based company that has been making pure clay cookware and bakeware for more than a decade using raw material sourced from US and shipping them worldwide through MEC Store. Their cookware is handmade because any mechanized process calls for use of chemicals and they strictly refrain from using additives, glazes and enamels which means MEC pots and pans are 100% non-toxic – tested and certified!

Interested in cooking green and clean in your kitchen? Head over to MEC Store and order green cookware made from pure clay today!

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