Choose the Best Pots and Pans for Healthy, Safe and Non-toxic Cooking

The key to good health is healthy, safe and non-toxic cooking, which starts with choosing the best pots and pans. Your health that depends on the quality of your food is directly affected by the pots and pans it is cooked in, so the question arises – which are the best pots and pans?

Best Pots and Pans: Which is the right choice?

The best pots and pans would be the ones made from the right material – one that can cook food in the safest and healthiest way possible: 100% free from toxins and with no nutrient loss. While metals and ceramics fail at both these aspects, a time-honored material not only fulfills all the requirements of a healthy material but exceeds expectations: pure and natural primary clay or pure clay.

The pots and pans made from pure clay are 100% free from toxins and this fact is proven by lab tests. Also, a basic home test called alkaline baking soda test can help you determine this right at home. What’s more, the walls of pure clay radiate a unique far infrared heat that is food friendly and makes a big difference in cooking your food without destroying nutrients.

Pure clay makes the best pots and pans because in many ways, they behave in a way as if they are made to do just this job, for example, they retain heat for longer after cooking which removes the need for reheating, and they can be used on gas stove, electric and glass cooktop, and one pot can be used for multiple types of cooking. All these features make them the best pots and pans for any kitchen.

Pure clay pots and pans: Where to buy them?

In USA, Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) makes pots and pans from pure clay also sourced from USA. Their pots and pans are made without using any chemicals or glazes to keep them 100% non-toxic and they are ergonomically designed to condense steam (water-soluble nutrients) on the inner side of lid, whose temperature stays lower than the rest of the pot, thus condensing the steam naturally – an excellent steam management feature that is found in no other pot.

You can use MEC pots and pans as a  Dutch OvenBest Soup & Stews PotPressure CookerRice & Grains CookerYogurt MakerVegetable SteamerSlow CookerBread Baker and many more… If you want to see for yourself how MEC cooks the healthiest and most delicious food, head over to MEC Store and order some pots and pans today!

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