Best pressure cooker for canning

Are you interested in eating healthy but you sometimes rely on canned food in a pinch?

Although it’s best to use fresh ingredients for more flavorful and healthier meals, there may be situations when using canned ingredients becomes a necessity. This begs an important question – are canned ingredients healthy?

The canned ingredients available in stores have unhealthy preservatives and chemical additives. And factory processing of food causes so much depletion to nutrients anyway. Is there a way to prepare them at home in a healthy way? Keep reading to discover the best pressure cooker for canning.

There are wonderful benefits to canning your favorite homemade fruit jam or tomato sauce. Some benefits include avoiding the preservatives, metals, and long shelf life of store-bought canned goods. But did you know you can make your canned goods even healthier by preparing them in the right pot?

We know metal pressure cookers are toxic (here is why) so cooking foods for preservation would be a mistake! Just as MEC clay pots are the best choice for making every day healthy meals, they also preserve food. Here is why MEC is the best pressure cooker for canning:

No toxins – uncontaminated canned food

MEC pots are 100% non-toxic so there is no risk of contamination to your preserved foods. Unlike store-bought options, there are no toxic preservatives. So, your canned food will remain healthy and non-toxic for the time until consumption (up to one year).

Nutrition preserved food – enjoy the same health value for months

Keeping the nutrients intact is particularly important when preserving foods. Because MEC radiates far infrared heat, the cookware preserves all the food’s beneficial nutrients. Also, there are no toxins present, so the integrity of nutrients is also maintained (know how toxins modify nutrients here).

Neutralizes Acidic foods – taste fresh for a long time

Ever noticed how a bottle of canned tomatoes tastes so sour even after just 3-4 months (without preservatives)? That is because of the highly acidic value of the ingredients caused by blanching or cooking in a metal pot. But when cooking the same ingredients in MEC, canned foods will offer a subtly sweet taste for long.

This happens because MEC’s pure clay pots are alkaline in nature. They neutralize the acidity. Consequently, your preserved foods stay vibrant and fresh tasting anytime you open the canning jar.

All set to cook your favorite canning recipes with MEC without losing flavor or nutritional value? See for yourself why MEC is the best pressure cooker for canningOrder a pot today and enjoy healthy canned foods always!

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