Best Dutch oven for your one pot meals

One pot meals are quite popular these days as they save time, dishwashing, and are more convenient. While looking for the best Dutch oven for your one pot meal, choose the one that can cook in the healthiest way possible.

Dutch oven is a workhorse in the kitchen for it can single-handedly take care of different types of recipes, is sturdy and versatile. What determines the health value of food cooking in it is the raw material, glazes or coatings used in the making. Although, you can easily find Dutch ovens made from metals or ceramics in the market and they might look great, there are certain underlying issues.

The issues with conventional Dutch ovens

First, metals are innately reactive, and ceramics are laden with many toxic chemicals. The Dutch oven made from these materials can potentially leach and contaminate food while cooking. Eating such food regularly causes toxins to accumulate in the body and is detrimental to vital functions. Consequently, you start having health issues ranging from common sicknesses to life threatening diseases.

Second, these materials radiate harsh heat (near infrared heat) that destroys nutrients. As a result, your food is devoid of essential nutrients. Also, the natural flavor and color of ingredients is gone which calls for additional seasonings and spices, some of which may be unhealthy.

Why an MEC pot is the best Dutch oven

MEC stands for Miriams Earthen Cookware – an all-American company known for making America’s first primary clay cookware using locally sourced raw material. Their pots and pans are 100% non-toxic (see test results here) so there is no danger of leaching. Therefore, your food stays uncontaminated.

Unlike other materials, pure clay radiates far infrared heat. This unique heat cooks gently and preserves all the nutrients. Thanks to MEC’s ergonomic design, the steam (water soluble nutrients) is also locked in the food by naturally condensing on the lid’s inside (read more about it here). This causes your cooked food to retain all the nutritional value it has to offer. You can feel and see the difference in the taste, aroma, and color of your food. And most importantly, food cooked in MEC keeps you energetic and full for longer.

Also, thanks to this unique heat, your recipes cook fully at low heat and in less time. MEC pots are versatile so you may use them on any heat source you want (with a diffuser on glass/electric cooktops). The whole cooking process becomes simple and convenient with an MEC Dutch oven. Don’t believe us, just look at this one pot recipe with MEC:

Rice with lentils, vegetables and spices (AKA Khichari in some parts of the world) – A quick & easy one pot wholesome meal

The flavors are enhanced, and you can enjoy the distinct taste of your one pot meal – extra delicious and nutritious. Ready to try this best Dutch oven by MEC? Head over to MEC’s online Store and order your pot today!

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