Make Rice Cooking Easier, Tastier and Healthier with A Pure-Clay Rice Cooker

When cooking rice, there are many concerns you might have, like wanting to make it soft and fluffy, keeping grains separate and making sure all the rice cooks evenly. There is, however, one more thing that is important – cooking it in the healthiest way possible.  

As rice is usually cooked in metal/ceramic pots, there are many ways it renders unhealthy.  First of all, metals are reactive at cooking temperatures, leach into food and contaminate it. These metal ions — toxins from food accumulate in organs and blood to cause serious health problems over time. 

Secondly, their heat is damaging to the delicate nutrients in food. Rice and other grains are made of simple carbs, complex carbs, vitamins and minerals, the more potent the nutrients the more delicate and subject to damage they are.  So, the complex carbs, and vitamins and mineral barely survive the ordeal.  No wonder diabetes is a pandemic of this era.  When the body is provided a depleted diet with an excess of simple carbs, it leads to the mismanagement of the insulin hormone leading to diabetes. 

Lastly, heat is not distributed evenly. The temperature is high at the bottom, so the rice needs to be stirred constantly.  All these factors make cooking rice complex and unhealthy.  

Miriam’s Earthen Cookware’s pure-clay pots are the healthier alternatives. They are made of pure-clay that is proven to be 100% non-toxic as it is free from metals or chemicals. The breathable pot lets excess moisture evaporate. Thus, the rice cooks fluffy, soft and each grain separate from the other!  

The unique far infrared heat penetrates deeper into the grains and cooks them evenly just at medium heat. “The rice cooks even before the water fully boils”, says Alisa, an avid rice eater, and passionate pure-Clay cook. There is no need to add any oil or other fats to get grains to separate or taste better, just cook it in pure-clay and the pot will take care of the rest!  

So when looking to cook your healthiest rice, brown rice, quinoa or any other grain, choose the right grains – not excessively processed, bleached or enriched AND cook it in the ideal rice cooker.  One that will cook without destroying nutrients and without adding its own toxins to the food… Cooks it thoroughly & evenly, making it the best rice you’ve ever tasted! 

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