Learn How Can Rice Cooked in a Clay Pot Help with Diabetes

There are several advantages of cooking rice in a clay pot. If you have tried it, you must already be aware of most of these. For instance, rice cooks soft, fluffy and each grain separate from one another in a clay pot – without using any oils or additives. On the other hand, while cooking rice in conventional pots, they mostly turn out to be mushy and taste quite bland. But the important thing is – what happens to the carbohydrates? Let’s find out…

Types of Carbohydrates in Rice

Rice contains simple and complex carbohydrates. The body needs a balance of both for optimal management of insulin – a naturally produced hormone that controls sugar levels in blood. Simple carbs break quickly and release glucose, but complex carbs burn and release energy slowly.

Rice Cooked in Conventional Cookware

Complex carbs, the slow burning kind– are also delicate and subject to damage with harsh heat.  The problem with metals and ceramic cookware is that they give out harsh near-infrared heat. It is evident from the fact that touching a hot metal/ceramic pot burns your fingers. It does something similar to the delicate complex carbs. As a result, the cooked rice is left with only simple carbs and starch. When you keep eating such depleted grains regularly, the body rushes to produce insulin to break down simple carbs into energy. There is a constant high demand of insulin coupled with deficiency of complex carbs – the body finally fails to produce enough insulin. The excessive glucose in blood causes diabetes.

Also rice cooked in metals and ceramics become toxic from what leaches from these cookware – they weaken your immune system.

Rice Cooked in Pure Clay Pot

When you cook rice in pure clay pots, it not only cooks fluffy and better tasting, the nutrients are saved as well. Thanks to food-friendly far-infrared heat from pure-clay, the simple carbs and the more delicate complex carbs stay intact. A balanced proportion of these two keeps body functions healthy and its ability to produce insulin slowly improves again!

When you keep providing your body a balanced diet, the insulin levels are well-managed once again and THIS HEALS DIABETES! – It may sound unbelievable but it’s true, based on real life experiences of people. When you switch to clay cookware permanently, you start feeling healthier with high energy levels (thanks to complex carbs) and better immunity (because no more metal toxins)!

It’s never too late to make a change in the right direction, switch to pure clay cookware for your family’s health!

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