How Did This Cookware Earn The Title Of The Safest And Healthiest Cookware?

Tired of metal and ceramic cookware leaching into your food and making it unhealthy? We’re sure you must have come across clay cookware looking for an alternative. Let’s find out what makes it the safest and healthiest cookware: 

How It All Started? 

It birthed from one woman’s dream to help people cook their healthiest food in pure-clay pots. Miriam had every reason to believe this was possible because her own life was living proof to this. She was diagnosed with Diabetes at a very young age and with a seemingly healthy body. On her quest to find the root cause of this problem, she had surprising evidence piling up for the role the cookware plays in the “health” of your food? (Read her story here)

How Cookware Affects The Health Of Food? 

Conventional metal and ceramic cookware leach toxins into food and contaminate it. Also, the harsh heat radiating from the walls of these pots destroys delicate nutrients and leave it nutritionally deficient. When you regularly eat such food, your body becomes permanently deficient in certain essential nutrients and this imbalance of nutrients causes diseases. 

What then is the Safest Material? 

Natural clay.  Although being savvy in metallurgy the ancient civilizations have all cooked their food only in clay.  This is because the issue of “leaching” and “harsh heat” is non-existent with this material. Moreover, there are numerous benefits to cooking in this material that is not possible with the others. 

How did MEC Earn this Title? 

With this knowledge backed by years of study and research, Miriam with her team started off in an effort to bring back this method of natural cooking into our modern kitchens. Here are some of the steps we took to create MEC:

Choosing the perfect raw material:

MEC’s Pure clay is harvested from unfarmed and non-industrialized lands within the USA – then several samples are tested in an independent state lab to ensure it is free from metals and toxins like Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic etc.

Making cookware in a healthy way:

Unlike conventional cookware makers, MEC doesn’t use chemicals or additives in any of the making, processing, finishing or firing processes. Use of chemicals becomes a necessity when something is made through a mechanized process on a large scale. But MEC adopts the safest method of making cookware from clay using skillful hands – on the potter’s wheel. (Read about the whole making process here)

“What I love most about Miriams Earthen Cookware is that is it completely natural and unprocessed, making it the healthiest cookware available! And that is so unique and rare to find nowadays in our high-tech world! I have felt more energized using these products, and have better tasting food. Thank you so much MEC for returning us to our roots! Cookware the REAL way!! Love these high quality pieces! <3”

– Cheryl, California, USA 

No Glazes:

Glazing may give the option of color to the finish but glazes are full of chemicals, oxides and toxins. They not only make the cookware toxic but also make it non-porous, i.e, not allowing oxygen to pass through the pot while cooking – an important aspect of healthy cooking only possible with unglazed pure-clay pots.  

Steam is retained inside, one feature of the Ergonomic Design:

The design of MEC pots and lids is well thought out keeping the whole cooking process in mind. Steam management is very important if you want to save the water-soluble nutrients. In conventional cookware, steam has to be released for safety reasons. But it’s just the opposite with MEC pots and pans! When steam rises from food, the lid being made in concentric circles and being cooler than the pot, lets it condense and fall back into the food.  This unique feature keeps the food moist and prevents burning inside the pot even for long hours of cooking and greatly reduces the need to keep adding water. 

“I enjoy cooking with Miriam’s Earthen Cookware. First, it gently steams the food and does not overcook it. I especially like making bone broth. Even the poultry bones produce a gelatinous broth! In other cookware, the poultry bone broth is liquid and runny. Great is the time it takes, only 3 to 4 hours instead of 12 to 24! I recommend Miriam’s Earthen Cookware!” 

– Irene Walther, Fl USA 

Not Only HEALTHY but also DELICIOUS!  

How many times have we heard people say, “it’s healthy but not tasty”?  This is no longer true with MEC.  Food cooked in pure clay is not just healthy but better tasting as well – because of the gentle heat, the nutrients stay intact and so do the flavors and aroma of the healthy ingredients you have used: 

“I just recently bought my clay pot and I can tell the difference between cooking in my clay pot and cooking with my other pots and pans. It is a wonderful experience. I know that I am truly cooking food at its absolute best with absolutely no toxins or pollutants contaminating my food. I am very happy with this purchase. You will not regret this purchase. Thank you Miriam for making the BEST clay pots out there!!” 

– K. Ross Ashland VA 

It is because of all the efforts in keeping MEC healthy and safe from the first step until the very last that they have earned the title of the safest and healthiest cookwareOrder a MEC pot today and be a part of this great movement to provide the best food for your family and the future generations. 

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