Which is the Healthiest Cookware & Why?

There are so many choices for cookware these days, many different materials are used to make them but which one is the best and why?

Let’s look at the three mainstream ones and understand their advantages and disadvantages:

Metal Cookware:

By nature all metals are reactive, from surgical steel to aluminum, titanium, stainless steel or copper if it’s not reactive it’s not metal – and food is a bio-chemical entity — so with heat acting as a cyclist during cooking, the metal ions, chemicals & oxides from metal pots react with food and leach in.

What do these metals/chemicals do in the body? Initially they accumulate & disrupt functions in vital organs and glands such as the heart, brain, kidneys, bone, liver, etc. And then they replace vital nutritional minerals in the cells and tissues. For example, enzymes are important for every biochemical reaction. But instead of calcium being present in an enzyme reaction, nickel or chromium may be there in its place. Toxic metals cannot fulfill the same role as the nutritional minerals, thus their presence becomes critically disruptive to enzyme activity. Their action in the body is so fundamental that they are seen to cause and /or aid many diseases.

The other disadvantage is that heat from the walls of these kind of pots is damaging and destroys more than half the nutrients in the food! This makes us the 1st people to depend heavily on synthetic pills and supplements to fulfill our nutritional needs.

Not only this, but another important disadvantage is that steam is lost!   9 out of the 13 essential nutrients and minerals are water soluble and are inevitably lost with steam that’s constantly escaping the pot.

Non-stick Cookware:

Among the many dangerous chemicals used in the non-stick material the most common one is perfluorooctanic acid (PFOA). This is a synthetic chemical that creates a soap-like slipperiness and non-stick finish.  When heated, PFOA releases toxins into the food and has been known to produce serious changes in organs like the brain, prostrate, liver, thymus kidney showing toxicity.  It is also seen to cause changes in the pituitary glands — the organ that controls growth, reproduction and many metabolic functions.

Ceramic Cookware:

The ceramic material is made of many chemicals, metals and inorganic minerals obtained through fracking and other environmentally destructive means.  These chemicals include but are not limited to barium, cadmium, chrome, cobalt, lead, lithium, nickel, selenium and vanadium, silicon dioxide, feldspar, silicon carbide, magnesium oxide, petalite (an ore of lithium)(the full list can be found here.  All of these raw materials range in toxicity from mild to highly toxic.   In order for food to not come in contact with these chemicals, so called ‘food safe’ glazes and enamels are used.  These glazes or enamels are a paint like substance with their own set of chemicals/toxins including lead and cadmium which poison food every time it’s cooked in them.

The heat from the walls of a ceramic pot is also destructive and not capable of cooking without damaging nutrients

How about Glass Cookware?

Pure glass which is made from natural sand is also 100% inert but it cannot be used for cooking (pure-glass shatters when heated).  In order for glass to be used for cooking it has to be shock resistant and LEAD & CADMIUM is used to gives these wares shock resistance and uniformity in color.

 So Which One is Good for You?

Pots and pans made from Pure-Clay.  This is a material that has been used since the beginning of time, not because people didn’t know how to work with metals (the earliest use goes back to before 6000 B.C) but rather because they knew what we are now just discovering:  The many, many benefits of cooking in pure-clay. Pots and pans made from pure-clay are inert, meaning nothing from the pot can leach into your food AND these are only pots that generate heat that cooks without destroying nutritional cells.  Food is at its best in nutritional value and taste only when cooked in this cookware. The many benefits of choosing the healthiest cookware can be found here.

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