How to find a safe cookware?

Looking for a new cookware? The first question that pops up in every health-conscious cook’s mind is – is it safe? And rightly so because today, we are more aware than ever about how toxic cookware can contaminate our food and cause havoc in the body. Before we jump into the ordeal of choosing the safest cookware, let us take a quick glance at what “safe cookware really means. 

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Why MEC’s Clay Pot Cooking is Truly Green?

“Green cooking” means adopting means to cook your food in an eco-friendly manner. As we know, the cooking pot plays a crucial role in the cooking process so choosing a truly green pot is particularly important for earth conscious cooking. But first, let’s understand why cooking in this mindful way is important: 

Why cooking green is important now more than ever? 

We cannot get away with polluting the planet even with things we use in our day-today lives. What we see around us: global warming, climate change, increasing pollution levels and all the natural disasters are indicative of where we are going with our careless lifestyles

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Choosing a non-toxic pressure cooker for your kitchen – follow these tips!

Pressure cooking means cooking food under steam pressure created by cooking food in water. For healthy pressure cooking, the pressure cooker must be completely non-toxic, so it does not contaminate food while cooking. Here are few useful tips that can help choose a non-toxic pressure cooker

Do not choose a metal pressure cooker, why? 

Metals are the worst choice when it comes to making a cooking pot for these 2 reasons: 

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