Discover the Simple Way to Create Your Own Yogurt Starter at Home

Making your own yogurt can be a fun and rewarding experience, but did you know that you can also make your own yogurt starter culture? Making your own starter culture not only allows you to customize the flavor and texture of your yogurt, but it also saves you money in the long run. In this article, we’ll talk about the easy process of making your own yogurt starter culture and the benefits of using Miriams all-natural pot to make your yogurt.

Miriams Earthen Cookware – a US based cookware company is known for making the most time-honored cookware of our civilization – handmade pure clay pots. Their pots are great for making a variety of dishes healthier and non-toxic, and yogurt is one of the most popular ones. And what’s more, you can even make your own culture from scratch and avoid any and all toxic additives present in the store-bought version. Keep reading to learn about more benefits.

Benefits of making your own yogurt starter culture

When you make your own culture, you use ingredients like chili or cardamom pod that have food for the bacteria. The bacteria are in the air, and the milk aids in the growth of that bacteria. This means that your yogurt will be made with a unique blend of bacteria that is specific to your environment, and studies have shown that this can have a positive impact on your gut health. Also, there are no unhealthy additives or preservatives like in the store-bought starters.

How to make your own yogurt starter culture

Making your own yogurt culture is very similar to the process of making yogurt. You can use either 3 whole cardamom pods or 2 green chilis with stem included (fresh, frozen will not work) per every 3/4 to 1 cup of milk for your culture. The stem of green chili peppers and whole cardamom pods each contain the prebiotics needed to form yogurt culture.

  1. Heat 1 cup of milk in an MEC pot or bowl until you can see bubbles on the surface.
  2. Let the milk cool down to a culture-fostering temperature – until you can hold your pinky in the milk for 5 seconds (if you can’t, let it cool a bit more).
  3. Add your chilis with stems (preferred) or cardamom pods, cover and let it ferment. This may take around 72 hours depending on the weather. After the first 24 hours, periodically check the culture to see if it has thickened into yogurt.
  4. Discard the cardamom pods or chilis once the milk thickens.
  5. Use this starter culture to make your first batch (recommended quantity is 1 cup because it may turn out spicy or sour).
  6. Using 2-3 tbsp. of yogurt from this batch, make your next batch of yogurt, which will be your first actual yogurt with no taste from the cardamom or chili that was used in the beginning.

If the cardamom pod doesn’t work, you can use any variety of chili.

Why use Miriams all-natural clay pot to make your yogurt?

Well, for one, MEC pots are 100% non-toxic, which means there are no harmful chemicals or heavy metals leaching into your food. Additionally, the semi-porous (breathable) walls allow oxygen to flow in, which creates the perfect environment for the bacteria to thrive and make your starter culture. This also allows your yogurt to set within 6-8 hours, as opposed to the 1-3 days it can take in some other pots.

But the benefits of making your own yogurt don’t stop there. Homemade yogurt is higher in beneficial bacteria and devoid of artificial sugar and additives unlike store-bought yogurt. This means that it can improve digestion, boost your immune system, and even help with weight loss. And because you’re making your yogurt in your own kitchen with your own unique blend of bacteria, it can be even more beneficial for your gut health.

Using MEC to make yogurt also ensures your yogurt doesn’t turn out runny or sour. The longer it is stored in the clay pot, the thicker it becomes as the excess moisture evaporates through the breathable walls. It also tastes refreshing and can be a side dish with several main dishes, or a great comfort food on its own. So why not give it a try and see the difference that homemade yogurt can make in your meals? Head over to MEC’s online store and order a yogurt maker set today!


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