Healthy and Delicious: Cooking Chicken and Meats in an All-Natural Pressure Cooker

If you are looking for a healthier and safer way to cook chicken and other meats, then Miriams all-natural pressure cooker might be just what you need. In this article, we’ll explore the many benefits of cooking in an MEC pressure cooker, including its unique features, safety advantages, and easy-to-follow recipes that will get you started in no time.

Why Choose an All-Natural Pressure Cooker from MEC?

Miriams Earthen Cookware is a pioneering cookware brand that handmakes pots and pans from lab tested primary clay. This is the only known raw material that is naturally inert and free from any metal or chemical toxins. This means MEC is a 100% non-toxic medium to cook your healthy food including the popular pressure cooker dishes.

Cooking should be as natural and healthy as possible so your food can retain its natural flavors and nutrients after cooking. Unfortunately, conventional lock and seal pressure cookers coerce food to cook under extreme steam pressure and high temperatures – saving time but losing nutrients and health value. Moreover, the toxins leaching from the metal pot or insert contaminate food.

That’s why Miriams pressure cookers are made entirely from pure and natural clay that is free from chemicals and toxins. MEC cookware does not contain toxic additives, non-stick coatings, heavy metals, or synthetic materials that can leach into your food and harm your health.

Another advantage of MEC pressure cookers is their unique design. The pots are handcrafted using traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations. This allows food to cook under naturally built-up steam pressure, while retaining its tenderness, moisture, and nutrients. Your dishes are rich in natural flavors and feel more filling.

Each pot is made with a special focus on energy efficiency. The pots are designed to retain heat, which means that they cook food faster and use less energy than conventional cookware. This makes them an eco-friendly and cost-effective option for your kitchen. Pressure cooking your favorite foods in MEC has many benefits; keep reading to discover more about them.

Benefits of Cooking Chicken and Other Meats in an All-Natural Pressure Cooker

  1. Healthier Meals: When you cook chicken and other meats in an MEC pressure cooker, you can be sure your food is free from harmful chemicals and toxins. MEC cookware is made from pure and natural clay, rich in essential minerals and nutrients, which can be absorbed by your food during cooking. The natural steam condensation makes sure the water-soluble nutrients are locked in the pot and stay within the food. This means that your meals will not only be safer but also healthier and more nutritious.
  2. Faster Cooking: Pressure cooking is a fast and convenient way to cook meats, especially when you are short on time. MEC pressure cookers radiate unique far infrared heat that penetrates deep into food and cooks faster and more efficiently at low heat. This is the exact opposite of conventional cookware’s harsh near infrared heat that starts with cooking on the highest heat setting and may take more time. This means that with MEC, you can prepare delicious and healthy meals in less time and with less energy.
  3. Easy to Use: MEC pressure cookers are very easy to use, even if you are a beginner in the kitchen. You simply add your ingredients to the pot, cover the lid, and let the pressure cooker do the rest. The pots come with a detailed instruction manual that includes step-by-step directions and cooking tips.
  4. Versatile: MEC pressure cookers are not just for cooking chicken and other meats. You can use them to prepare a wide variety of dishes, from soups and stews to rice and beans, and even desserts. With an MEC pressure cooker in your kitchen, you can explore new and exciting recipes and expand your culinary horizons.

MEC Pressure Cooker Recipes for Chicken and Other Meats

  1. Pot Roast with Root Vegetables: This classic dish is perfect for a family dinner or a special occasion. In an MEC pressure cooker, the pot roast will cook in less time than in a conventional oven, and the root vegetables will absorb the natural flavors and nutrients from the clay pot. You can add your favorite herbs and spices to make the dish your own.
  2. Rice and Beans: This simple and nutritious dish is a staple in many cuisines. In an MEC pressure cooker, you can cook the rice and the beans at the same time, which means less time and less cleanup. You don’t even need to presoak beans overnight to break down anti-nutrients – they will dissolve fully during cooking so they can be easily digested in the gut.
  3. Biriyani: This aromatic and flavorful rice dish is a popular Indian recipe perfect for a special occasion. In an MEC pressure cooker, you can cook the chicken and vegetables with the rice, which means more flavor and less work. You can add your favorite spices and seasonings on top to customize the recipe to your liking.

In conclusion, cooking chicken and other meats in Miriams all-natural pressure cooker is a safe, healthy, and convenient way to prepare delicious and nutritious meals. With its unique features, energy efficiency, and easy-to-use design, MEC is a must-have in any kitchen. So why wait, when you can head over to our online store and order a pressure-cooking pot right away. Try out some of our easy and delicious recipes available on the MEC website and experience the benefits of cooking in this all-natural cookware for yourself.


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