Tips for healthy cooking in a Dutch oven on a campfire

Dutch oven cooking on a campfire takes your cooking experience to the next level. You get to have fun spending time with friends and family outdoors while enjoying your favorite Dutch oven recipes. And if you are a health conscious cook, you’ll find the following tips useful.

Choose the right cooking pot

Although it is tempting to pickup the good old cast iron Dutch oven, for healthy cooking, any vessel made from metal is unfit. Why? Metals are reactive so they leach toxins and contaminate food. Moreover, the essential nutrients are destroyed by the harsh heat radiating from metals.

For a healthy and hearty meal, choose a Dutch oven that is inert and can retain nutrients. Miriam’s Earthenware’s Dutch oven pots are made from lab tested primary clay – an all natural and pure material naturally free from toxins. And as the makers do not use additives, the cooking pot is as healthy as the raw material. Known for earthen far infrared heat cooking, Miriam’s Dutch ovens cook gently while retaining the nutrients and the natural flavors of all the ingredients at low heat and in less time.

Prefer oil-free cooking

Miriam’s pots become naturally non-stick when used 5-6 times (fully seasoned) so you do not need to layer the pot with oil as suggested by a majority of campfire cooking enthusiasts who use cast iron. You can replace oil with water and cook your best Dutch oven recipes low fat.

Choose fast cooking recipes

When on a camping trip, you wouldn’t want to spend all your time cooking so your Dutch oven camping recipes should take less time. With Miriams, you can substantially reduce your cooking time and choose to cook your favorite recipes that typically cook slow and low, like Dutch oven chicken recipes, Dutch oven beef stew, Dutch oven desserts, and other Dutch oven breakfast recipes. Unlike a cast iron pot, you don’t need to spend time preheating your cooking pot or preparing your ingredients (soaking, marinating etc.) when cooking in Miriams. The flavors are infused throughout the dish as it cooks, and the flavor is retained and food has a depth of flavor without this extra step.

Use a heat diffuser

To ensure uniform distribution of heat, be sure to take a diffuser. Whether you are cooking on hot coals or a camp stove, the heat diffuser will protect your camping Dutch oven pot from a thermal shock. No matter the outdoor temperature, using Miriams pot with a diffuser will give you peace of mind because your camping food will cook safely with little babysitting. Just add all ingredients, put the lid on and let cook on low until fully done.

Save energy

And another great thing about taking your Dutch oven cooking outdoors, is that it saves energy. Many people love the experience and taste of outdoor cooking, and any time you can cook on a campfire, you save on gas or electric. With the energy prices forecasted to rise some 68%, this is a great benefit and can save you money. Miriams clay pots cook faster at low heat, continue to cook passively after the stove is turned off, and keep food warm for 4x longer than any conventional pot, cutting down overall energy consumption to about 1/4th.

Stick to healthy but easy Dutch oven cooking

Instead of trying something exotic and unique, choose hearty meals that you find easy to cook. Some common yet delicious Dutch oven recipes you can try are are Dutch oven cinnamon rolls, BBQ Dutch oven chicken, Dutch oven peach cobbler, Dutch oven chicken Marbella, Dutch oven pizza, Dutch oven enchiladas, southwestern chicken casserole, campfire beef stew, hash browns, French toast, sourdough bread, banana bread and one pot meals.

Healthy Chicken Chili recipe
Healthy chicken chili – Easy Dutch oven recipe

With Miriams pure clay Dutch oven, your camping meals will cook healthy, hearty and nutritious while retaining flavor and moisture. Now that you know the best recipes to cook on your camping trips along with the best Dutch oven, why don’t you visit Miriam’s online store and order your camp Dutch oven today? They ship worldwide.

People Also Ask:

What is a Dutch oven?

A Dutch oven is a heavy pot with a fitting lid to cook various recipes. For healthy cooking, it is recommended to use a Dutch oven made from an inert material so there is no leaching. In contrast to metal pots like cast iron Dutch ovens that are innately reactive, a healthier choice would be pure clay Dutch oven by Miriams as it is made from a naturally inert material without additives or glazes. It radiates gentle far infrared heat that preserves nutrients and retains heat much longer than a metal pot, cooking food faster by deeply penetrating the food. It is multi-cooking and can be used on any heat source such as a gas, electric and glass cooktop or even a campfire.


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