Lead free mugs and bowls that offer a unique way to reheat (and even cook) and serve food.

What to look for when shopping for mugs and bowls

When shopping for mugs, it is common to find ceramic mugs, china, glass mugs and mugs of stainless steel or mixed materials. What is a good choice? I don’t know about you but lead free coffee mugs would rank at the top of my priority list. Cups for hot drinks like morning coffee or tea, and which are microwave safe, as well as suitable for cold drinks such as lemonade. Did you know that so many of the popular mugs sold are made of toxic materials, including lead?

The toxins lurking in conventional mugs and bowls

Many may be marked lead safe and have a lesser amount of lead. But…no amount of lead is good for anyone when you ingest it with what you eat or drink. Research has proven the detrimental harm of this toxin to humans. Those marked lead safe are not non toxic!

Lead poisoning can occur when a hot liquid or food comes in contact with the material of a vessel. Lead leaches into whatever is inside and contaminates it. We can imagine the havoc such foods can cause in the internal organs and their functioning. And lead is just one such toxin.

All metals are reactive and leach in a similar fashion – some more than the others, slowly accumulating toxins in your body, compromising the immune system and forming the foundation for chronic illnesses. This is why, mugs and bowls made from any metal or chemical laden ceramic including the ones glazed with any chemical-based material must be a BIG NO! This includes the popular stainless steel mugs, ceramic coffee and tea cups, tempered glass or borosilicate glass mugs (may contain chemicals like boron, petalite, lead and cadmium) and any other glossy looking mugs (high lead content). Then what is the alternative?

Truly non-toxic lead free cups and bowls by Miriams

In comes Miriam’s lead free cups and bowls made from all-natural primary clay – handmade without any chemicals, glazes or additives, and using raw material sourced from the USA. Miriam’s Earthenware is a pioneering US-based brand known for making cookware, bakeware, dinnerware, and more, using lab tested primary clay. Their lead free cups and bowls are a perfect replacement for your ceramic or stainless steel mug that you can use to drink coffee, tea or other hot beverages. Besides being lead free, these coffee mugs and bowls come with features unique to Miriams:

These are the only cups and bowls that can go directly on a flame or stove so you can use them to reheat leftovers or a hot beverage so you can always drink hot coffee or tea. You can make many teas or decoctions directly in the bowls or use them for cooking or reheating small portions, serving hot water, or soups. Like your conventional coffee mugs, these cups and bowls are dishwasher safe, but handwashing using baking powder is recommended to avoid toxic soaps. Now that you know that you can replace your drinking glasses, soup bowls, coffee mugs and tea cups with much healthier and lead free Miriams cups and bowls set, why don’t you visit their online store and place your order today? They ship worldwide!

Miriam’s Lead Free Cups & Bowls

People Also Ask:

Can you get lead poisoning from a mug?

Yes, if the mug is made from a material that contains lead, it would leach into any heated liquid poured into the mug like tea, coffee or even hot water. Drinking such contaminated liquid can cause lead toxicity. Therefore, one must switch to a lead free mug like Miriam’s primary clay cups. They offer many exclusive features and benefits that make them safer, healthier and better than the conventional.


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