Healthy holiday cooking starts with the Best Non Toxic Cookware

This is an exciting time of year when holiday planning begins. Regardless of which holidays you celebrate, chances are you will be preparing food for at least one occasion. Many people enjoy eating their holiday favorites and it is not uncommon to see healthier versions shared around in an attempt to make the holiday food experience enjoyable while also healthier.

A lot of attention is focused on cutting fat and sugar, and increasing fresh ingredients, especially fruits, vegetables and whole grains. But have you considered there is something even more important to consider first? That is, the cookware you will use as you prepare all these holiday star dishes.

Are non toxic options made from conventional materials safe?

Even the health conscious cooks among us may turn to conventional metal cookware for holiday cooking. Of course since we have learnt the effects of cooking in aluminum, we choose supposedly better alternatives like stainless steel cookware, good old cast iron skillet or its modern iteration – enameled cast iron cookware. If we dig deeper into how reactive metals can contaminate food, we might look for an even better option like zero carbon steel pans over stainless steel, ceramic nonstick coated cookware over those Teflon pans or maybe trust some reputed ‘non toxic’ cookware brands.

But what if these also leach toxins while cooking acidic foods, release toxic fumes when heated and the expensive non stick pans come with toxic nonstick coatings? Can we settle for a less toxic cookware when it comes to our health? I think not!

This is why, we must be looking for the safest cookware completely toxin free. Keep reading to discover more.

The best non toxic cookware sets made from all-natural material

It’s true! The material that beats all manmade materials, for food safety, is an all-natural material called primary clay. This purest form of clay is naturally devoid of any toxin and makes a 100% non-toxic cookware when kept unglazed and free from additives.

Although many makers claim to make non-toxic clay cookware, the majority do not use primary clay, including the pure ceramic cookware makers. Ceramic is low quality clay treated with numerous chemicals, making it toxic.

A USA brand that stands apart

Interestingly, there is one pioneering brand in the USA making pots and pans from 100% primary clay without additives. This raw material sourced from the USA has undergone testing in a reputable state lab to test its purity and confirm its non-toxic nature.

This unique brand, Miriam’s Earthenware (formerly Miriams Earthen Cookware or MEC), has used this pure clay to hand craft cookware for the past decade or so. It has made a name for itself by being the only all-natural cookware free from toxic coatings or additives. Being exclusively made in the USA, this clay cookware doesn’t use any imported material in any form so the integrity of pure clay is beyond doubt.

What makes Miriams non toxic cookware better than conventional?

Miriams vs. Conventional Vessels

Unlike conventional non stick pans with fabricated toxic nonstick coating, Miriams pans develop a nonstick surface naturally once fully seasoned (used back to back 5-6 times for water based recipes like soups, after the initial seasoning). Known for their unique far infrared heat cooking, this non stick cookware cooks food gently on low heat, keeping nutrients intact.

Heat Retained

Moreover, their excellent heat retention allows for passive cooking after the heat is turned off. Additionally, this cookware uses low heat cooking while taking less time, and keeps food warm 4x longer than the conventional (learn more). If you’re thinking of cast iron cookware for its heat retention ability, read this article that explains how clay cookware has 3 times better heat retention than iron pans. Also, cast iron is not inert like pure clay. So, it leaches ferric ions that are toxic in the body, although it shows increased iron levels in the blood.

Other Features and Benefits

What’s more, Miriam’s cookware offers other exclusive features and benefits, and makes holiday cooking healthy and safe. In fact, one benefit is the need for little to no cooking oil due to these being non stick. Read more about Miriam’s features.

Versatile Pan, Dutch oven and Cookware Sets cook a Variety

Oh, did I mention you can cook almost any recipe in Miriams clay pot? Some popular holiday dishes you can cook in Miriams are green beans casserole, mashed potatoesbutternut squashbread twists/rolls, turkey, cranberry sauce and more.

Why wait?

Now that you know which is the best cookware to buy for healthy cooking, check out Miriams store and order a set today. They ship worldwide!

People Also Ask:

Are non stick pans safe?

It depends on the material used. If the core material is a metal like stainless steel pans or cast iron pans, there is a risk of leaching. Some makers use a coating or enamel to insulate the core material like ceramic coated pans but with use, cracks form in the coatings and the core metal starts leaching. Also, the coating made from many toxic chemicals contaminates food.

A better alternative is a cookware made from pure and non-toxic cookware materials that offers a nonstick cooking surface without any toxic coating. Miriams naturally nonstick pans are a great option – made from pure clay – without any additives or coatings. Read how it is made from the safest materials that make MEC one of the safest quality cookware brands.

Best non-toxic cookware naturally non-stick
Naturally nonstick cookware set by Miriams Earthenware

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