Best non-toxic cookware brand with safe nonstick pans

If you do a quick search for the best non stick pans, you may come across some information about carbon steel cookware, Teflon cookware, cast iron pans, and stainless steel cookware with non stick coatings. Even if you filter by healthy, some of these will still come up in the search results. And what about ceramic nonstick coated cookware or enameled cast iron? If the metals are covered with a coating, are they safe to use? Some may say that not all ceramic coatings are worrisome, only the cheap ceramic coatings pose a health risk. But how healthy are they really, and is there a quality cookware with pots and pans that are both non stick and non toxic, and therefore safe for cooking?

Read on to learn what to look for when evaluating the so-called safest cookware brands, as you go in search of a non toxic cookware set containing a pan that can be as sauce pan, sauté pan, or stir fry pan.

Are big cookware brands reliable?

Even the best ‘non toxic’ cookware brands use metals – from aluminum cookware to cast iron pots, or even the best stainless steel pots, there is not a truly non-toxic option. Metals are innately reactive and no matter how high quality a metal cookware is, it leaches during cooking. A high quality stainless steel cookware is made up of a combination of various metals like iron, nickel, chromium, molybdenum, carbon etc. Any one of these metals can cause detrimental changes in the internal organs if ingested in small quantity.

Even using seasoned cast iron vs. a cast iron pan without a factory coating, there is a health hazard because the ferric form of iron leaching from cast iron cookware is toxic when accumulates in the blood, cells, tissues and organs. It can be very harmful to people who are allergic to heavy metals and can lead to autoimmune problems. And though some pans come pre seasoned, for convenience, it bears considering what the pan is seasoned with and is that frying pan or grill pan truly non toxic? Though it is true that cast iron retains heat, there is another material that also retains heat and is non toxic. More on that later.

One popular non stick cookware is Le Creuset but with the ceramic coated pans, though beautiful to the eye, there is danger in cooking acidic foods and other foods in general. The reason is that there are harmful chemicals in the ceramic pans. The enamel coating is found to contain heavy metals like Lead and Cadmium in unsafe levels (not that having them in “safe levels” makes any cookware non-toxic).

As you carefully weigh the cookware set options, you will begin to eliminate many of those marketed as ‘non toxic cookware’ and ‘non stick cookware’ based on the materials used in the making. Some varieties that advocate coating a toxic core material with a nontoxic coating (like ceramic cookware) have little to no evidence to prove that the coating doesn’t contain toxic chemicals. Moreover, these coatings start wearing off with use and eventually expose the core material. Would you be willing to risk the havoc these toxins can potentially cause in your body? Reading all this, you may be wondering if there is another brand that can deliver non toxic cookware that is also non stick cookware.

What does it take to make the best non toxic cookware?

In comes Miriams Earthenware – a US-based cookware brand that makes pots and pans from lab tested primary clay without additives, chemicals or glazes. What other materials are used in the making besides natural clay? NONE! Because only the natural clay in its purest form (called primary clay) is inert and using any other material would compromise its integrity.

Using the safest raw material pure clay, each individual piece is handmade on a potters wheel – following the only time tested practice of making the safest cookware. Why? Using any kind of machine-based manufacturing process is impossible without involving chemicals.

How Miriams makes nonstick cookware without toxic nonstick coating

The ergonomically designed and uniquely hand-finished pure clay cookware becomes naturally nonstick once it is fully seasoned. All you need to do, after the initial seasoning, is cook water-based recipes like soups, stews, beans, lentils etc. 5-6 times back to back. The inside develops a nonstick surface without any coating – food no longer sticks so you can conveniently cook recipes involving sautéing and stir-frying without the food sticking to the cooking surface.

Miriams pans come with a conical lid and a flat-bottom base that make them perfect for nonstick cooking. Unlike stainless steel pans, MEC pans can cook with little to no cooking oil. This versatile pan can be used for cooking on any heat source and are oven safe.

There are no stainless steel handles because the pot radiates gentle heat that makes the extended rim easy to hold with oven mitts. The amazing heat conduction by pure clay allows low heat cooking that preserves nutrients and yet cooks food evenly in about the same time or less. Then it retains heat beyond what conventional cookware can do.

Sets of 3 to replace your favorite non toxic cookware

Among the many non toxic cookware options Miriams has to offer, the set of 3 combo – small and set of 3 combo – large are great if you are looking for a cookware set containing both a pot and a pan. The large set comes with a Dutch oven pot and the small one features a pressure cooker pot cum rice cooker. However, MEC gives you the flexibility to use any pot for any kind of cooking based on your requirement.

These nonstick pots can be handwashed using water and baking soda without any toxic soap. Although dishwasher safe, it is not recommended, in order to avoid using soaps.

Best Pots and Pans, best non toxic cookware
Miriams Set of 3 combo large – better than stainless steel cookware sets

Now that you are aware of a non toxic cookware option that is free from toxic metal and ceramic coating, offers a nonstick cooking surface without nonstick coatings, comes with a nonstick pan that can cook on any cooktop without a stainless steel base, and has every single feature you can think of in a healthy and safe cookware, why not you visit our online store and order a set of 3 combo today.

People Also Ask:

What is the least toxic type of cookware?

When it comes to your health, I don’t think looking for a ‘least’ toxic cookware is the best approach. Cooking your daily meals in even the least toxic medium would be damaging to the internal organs and body functions as the toxins leaching into food will continue to accumulate in the blood, cells and organs. And why look for a least toxic option when we have a time tested 100% non-toxic cookware made from a lab tested all-natural material without toxic additives. Miriams Earthenware of USA makes cookware from primary clay that offers a plethora of healthy features and benefits that make nontoxic cooking very easy. Regularly eating nontoxic food helps the body to cleanse already accumulated toxins, boosts immune system and nourishes with essential nutrients. Learn more about this amazing cookware here.


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