Here’s a 6 quart Dutch Oven to cook food that can retain Nutrition & Flavor

Many home cooks look to Dutch ovens for a great way to cook soups, stews and all types of vegetarian dishes, and why not, a Dutch oven is a workhorse in the kitchen. This sturdy cookware lasts for years and can be used on a stovetop and is oven safe. What’s more? You can also use it for slow cooking delicious recipes. Wait, are we missing something important? How many of us pay attention to whether a cookware is non-toxic? And how about the nutrients in cooked food? Keep reading to dig deeper.

What can make Dutch ovens unhealthy? Most Dutch ovens contain toxic materials including metal…

Although a majority of Dutch oven models offer almost all the expected features, but little attention is paid to the health value. They come with some issues:

A modern iteration of a cast iron pot are enameled cast iron Dutch ovens like Lodge Dutch oven and some French brands such as Le Creuset contain harmful enamel coating that may contain heavy metals like Lead and Cadmium in unsafe levels (not that having them in “safe levels” makes any cookware non-toxic). Moreover, the core material ‘cast iron’ is a reactive metal which leaches during cooking and contaminates food, eventually causing many health problems.

Metals like cast iron radiate harsh near infrared heat during food preparation which destroys nutrients in food. Ever tried touching a hot cast iron Dutch oven or enamel Dutch oven while cooking? It burns the tissues in your finger and leaves a scar. This is exactly what it does to plant tissues in food. When this happens, this reduces the nutritional value of the food. Due to these reasons, we need a healthier alternative. More on that below.

 Bread baked in a pure-clay pot. Bread turns out moist on the inside and with a nice crust.
Bread baking in MEC Dutch oven pot

Which is the best 6 quart Dutch oven?

There are many round models out there, but one stands out from from the rest. It is a big pot, with a slightly curved base that is suitable for stove top (including induction cooktops) and oven. The interior of the pot is the same color as the exterior because there is just one natural material in the whole pot! Are you curious what it could be?

It becomes naturally non stick 5-6 uses of cooking water based recipes. What is this mysterious pot? With a knob on the lid which stays cooler than a stainless steel knob and an entire rim which stays cool to the touch when cooking? You can easily handle these using oven mitts! Better yet, you can avoid use of medium heat and high heat which can destroy the nutrients in your food.

Let us introduce you to Miriams Earthenware 

A 100% non-toxic, all-natural and healthy cooking pot made in the USA from lab tested primary clay without additives, chemicals, glazes or enamels.

Miriams clay cookware, in contrast to cast iron cookware and other metal cookware, keeps even the most delicate nutrients such as phytonutrients and flavonoids intact due to gentle far infrared heat cooking. Additionally, the steam stays locked inside the pot and fortifies the food with essential water-soluble nutrients.

It is wonderful for sautéing vegetables, radiates penetrating earthen far infrared heat that makes baking bread a breeze, offers even heat distribution for low and slow cooking, and up to 4x better heat retention to keep food warm for longer. What’s more? It doesn’t require you to brown meat in advance or soak beans overnight, it prohibits moisture from leaving the pot and cooks the most aromatic and flavorful food you can imagine.

Cleaning involves hand washing with baking soda and a kitchen scrub brush. Though dishwasher safe, we don’t recommend it, due to chemically filled detergents.

If you desire to cook healthy vegetarian dishes without chemicals leaching into your food, and with the delicious flavor of ingredients retained, you will really enjoy using the best Dutch ovens from Miriams Earthenware. Whether you want a single X-large 6 quart pot or a cookware set, you will find one here: MEC Store.


Healthy Dutch Oven Meals to Try:

People Also Ask:

How many does a 6 qt Dutch oven serve?

MEC’s round Dutch oven in the 6 qt size can comfortably serve a family of 4. It is good for making about 6-8 servings and a few leftovers.


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