Replace Your Best Electric Pressure Cooker with A Natural Pressure Cooker, but Why?

What is a natural pressure cooker? Have you heard of one before, and how can it outperform the mighty electric pressure cooker? Modern electric pressure cookers, instant pots, air fryers etc., after all, are a result of years of research, how can a natural stovetop pressure cooker claim to be better? Well, the answer is in the choice of raw materials and the unique features. One small company making natural pressure pots has incorporated into every aspect of their cookers and has ultimately won this challenge. Let’s find out how:

When it comes to cooking, natural clay is an all-natural raw material that can outperform metal or ceramics any day, that is, if its made in the right way. Miriams Earthen Cookware, aware of this secret, designed and created a unique line of cookware in the US from tested primary clay. Their ergonomically designed and uniquely hand-finished cooking pots take pressure cooking to the next level and cook the healthiest and the most nutritious food.

choosing the best pressure cooker
Pressure cook your favorite dishes in MEC’s natural pressure cooker.

Not Made from Materials that Leach into your Food

If you’ve sat through 8th grade chemistry you may remember learning how all metals are reactive, and so are made made chemicals (used in the coating and glazing of conventional cookware). We might even remember how heat is a catalyst to all reactions. And thanks to biology we know food is a bio-chemical entity, prone to chemical reactions in the presence of heat. The only two non-relative materials in nature are glass made from sand and fired clay. We no longer make glass from sand, so that leaves us with fired clay. MEC uses the purest form of natural clay, primary clay without additives or chemicals to make 100% non-toxic cooking pots.

Multi Cooker

MEC’s natural pressure pot stands out among the best electric pressure cookers, electric multi cookers as well as those stovetop models with its ability to perform as an ultimate multi-cooking pot. This means besides pressure cooking, you can also slow cook in the same pot. MEC can compete with even the best 6 quart slow cookers on the market. It takes much less time and unlike metals, it cooks retaining all the nutrients in the food.

Besides this you can use it as bread bakerDutch ovenyogurt makervegetable steamer, to cook rice and grains, and so on.

This Slow Cooker/Pressure Cooker is Available in 6 Quart Sizes and More

MEC’s natural pressure pot cum slow cooker is available in many sizes. Based on your requirements, you may go for 1.5 qt, 2.5 qt, 4 qt and 6 qt sizes. Based on customer’s request, an even larger 9 qt size is also in the development.

Stovetop Pressure Pot with A Lid Like No Other

Steam is essentially water soluble nutrients that our bodies need on a regular basis because they aren’t stored in the human body like the fat soluble nutrients. MEC, realizing the importance of keeping steam inside, designed a lid that can naturally condense steam during cooking.

On the contrary, conventional pressure cooker lid and instant pot lids are made to lock and seal the pot, with a steam valve and vents to release excessive steam. Eventually you have to release pressure and open the lid. Similarly an air fryer lid ensures food cooks in a locked chamber with an electric heating element but there is no attention to steam released in the process.

Pressure Cooker for Slow Cooking Beans

Most pressure cookers, instant pots, and stovetop pressure cookers do well at cooking beans and other dense foods more quickly by coercing them with extreme heat and steam pressure. MEC, however, cooks these foods faster from inside out with deep penetrating far infrared heat. Beans cook thoroughly and the lectins break down during cooking so there is no need to presoak them overnight. They come out soft and retain all the healthy nutrients.

Most beans & lentils can cook within 40-50 minutes compared to 6-8 hours in a crock pot. Similarly, beef stew, that takes 12 hours minimum, cooks in MEC within 2 to 2.5 hours maximum (6 qt. quantity).

Easy to Clean

MEC pot’s simple 2-piece design makes it easy to clean. Although dishwasher safe, but most soaps could be toxic, get stuck in the walls and leach into food while cooking.

When fully seasoned (used 5-6 times for water based recipes after initial seasoning), it becomes naturally nonstick. Therefore, food doesn’t stick and the pot is easy to clean using baking soda, clean water and a mild scrubber.

So, now you know what natural pressure cooking is, and how it can outperform the mighty electric pressure cooker as well as the best stovetop pressure cooker. Now that you know about this powerful cooker and all its benefits, why don’t you try it for yourself? Head over to our online store and order a pot today!

People Also Ask:

Are electric pressure cookers worth it?

Although most electric pressure cookers offer functions that make the cooking process somewhat convenient, they use a sturdy stainless steel pot as insert, which is reactive – it leaches toxins and cooks food with nutrient-damaging extreme heat. Air frying and stovetop pressure cooking is no different!

MEC’s 100% non-toxic and all-natural yet sturdy pressure pots are a healthier alternative to cook food in a much more convenient and natural way. 


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