Can a Dutch Oven Cook in the Oven and on the Stovetop? And how is it different from a Crock Pot?

Which cookware can be used for meats, casserole dishes, rice dishes, soups, stews and also to bake bread? You guessed it – it’s a Dutch oven. Among many features this kitchen workhorse offers, compatibility with different heat sources makes it one of the most versatile cookware out there.

A Dutch Oven for both Oven & Stovetop

Miriams Earthenware (formerly MEC) is a US-based healthy brand known for making cookware from lab tested primary clay.

Their Dutch Oven pots can be used to cook favorite recipes including Dutch oven dishes. You can use MEC Dutch ovens in the oven and on the stovetop.

Especially during back to school time and fall sports season, MEC Dutch oven is excellent for making delicious food with little babysitting. The vessel continues to do the work while you are busy signing permission slips, helping with homework and talking to children about their day.

And what’s more? You can use it for slow cooking too. But there’s even more benefits.

Comparing Dutch Oven vs. Crock Pot

You can use a Dutch oven for slow cooking on the stovetop or inside the oven, whereas a crock pot is a countertop electric slow cooking appliance. You may use either for this type of cooking but a Dutch oven offers more flexibility.

And when it’s an MEC Dutch Oven, the sky is the limit to what you can cook, and on any heat source. Read below to learn other features that make an MEC Dutch oven better than other so called ‘modern’ cookware.

Non-toxic Cooking

Unlike cast iron Dutch ovens or other metal based models, MEC is made from 100% inert material, pure primary clay. The entire line of cookware is handmade without additives, chemicals, glazes or enamel coating so there is no leaching like other enameled versions of clay Dutch ovens.

Following manufacturing instructions, the cookware develops a natural non-stick surface over time without the need for any toxic coating like ceramic coated cast iron Dutch oven or Teflon pans.

slow cooking in MEC
MEC cooks healthier than cast iron pots and any enamel Dutch oven.

Nutritious Cooking

The all-natural clay radiates far infrared heat that cooks food from inside out while keeping nutrients intact. These pots with thick walls distribute heat evenly and foods cook faster. All foods cook on lower temperatures – no need for high temperature! Moreover, the lid naturally locks water soluble nutrients present in the form of steam during cooking.

Easy to Use

MEC cooking makes following recipe instructions easy – just add all ingredients, cover with lid, turn oven to low heat and leave it until fully done. There is little to no babysitting required and it is easy to check for doneness.

And there is no concern for uneven cooking or burning due to hot spots as can be a concern with conventional cookware. You can cook beans without presoaking and there is no need to brown meat prior to cooking.

Safe to Use

Following manufacturer’s instructions and avoiding extreme temperatures, such as not putting a cold Dutch oven in a hot oven, will keep the cookware from cracking.

Because of gentle far infrared heat, the pot never needs very high temperatures and you handle it easily using oven mitts.

Use on Different Heat Sources

MEC is oven safe up to 450 degrees F. It is also safe on both gas stovetop and electric stovetop, whether one with coils or one with a glass stovetop.

Easy to Clean

Being naturally nonstick, MEC clayware is easy to clean. Just use clean water, baking soda and a mild scrubber if needed.

The items are dishwasher safe, however MEC does not recommend using soaps or detergents because they consist of toxic chemicals that get stuck in the semi-porous walls and leach during cooking.

Delicious Foods You can Cook in MEC Dutch Oven

The easiest and straightforward way of Dutch oven cooking delicious meals is to put a Dutch oven on the stove top.

You can cook all your favorite Dutch oven recipes in MEC healthier and more nutritious. For example, macaroni and cheese can made more healthy with the addition of broccoli, spinach or other green; you may also use it for baking bread; spaghetti and meatballs; beans; chicken stew and roast with root vegetables, with all nutrients intact.

Try the MEC Dutch Oven

Now that you know the healthiest and non-toxic way of cooking your favorite Dutch oven foods, why don’t you get your MEC XL Pot today?

You can enjoy the benefits of using the best Dutch ovens that are incredibly versatile for cooking low and slow, for pressure cookingsteaming and much more!

People Also Ask:

Can a Dutch oven explode?

Dutch ovens are generally safe but there have been reports of some enamel Dutch ovens with glass lids exploding. However, using a Dutch oven with a simple 2-piece design (MEC) mitigates that danger. The ergonomically designed lid naturally locks steam and yet allows excessive steam to release through the gaps making it the safest Dutch oven.


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