Slow Cooking in An All-Natural Slow Cooker (Better Than 360 Cookware)

Crock pots made in USA are quite popular for their ability to simmer food at low heat typically for a whole day and cooking with little babysitting. Also called slow cookers, these are good for cooking meals like stews, soups, broth etc. and come either with electric base or as stovetop models.

Most cooking appliances including slow cookers are made in China and use cheap quality materials that are known to leach heavy metals like lead and cadmium. Even some highly rated slow cooker brands such as 360 Cookware use stainless steel inner pots. These may not contain the Teflon coatings or enamel which have been proven to be so harmful. The stainless steel might be better than Aluminum and cast iron… but did you know stainless steel consists of a combination of various metals like iron, nickel, chromium, molybdenum, carbon etc.?

These toxins leach into food, are ingested in the body and keep accumulating in the cells, tissues and blood. [Sources: 1 & 2]. Eventually they damage internal organs, compromise immune system and cause dangerous health problems. (Source) Keep reading to learn more about the best slow cookers which are nontoxic and healthy, and its not 360 Cookware.

Cooking without having to check on what’s being made is a feature offered in all American made slow cooker brands like Hamilton Beach Slow cooker, 360 Cookware etc. However, there is only one brand that pays as much attention to the health value as the convenience of slow cooking:

Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) is a US-based cookware brand that makes pots and pans from lab tested primary clay. Besides using a naturally non-toxic pot, this brand offers many features and benefits that others don’t.

Slow Cooking for More Flavor and Ease

MEC slow cookers cook with earthen far infrared heat that penetrates deep into food and cooks gently from inside out while keeping nutrients intact. The delicate flavonoids and phytonutrients are retained after cooking so the dish comes out naturally flavorful without additional seasoning.

Fast & Easy Cooking Process

Preparing food is as easy it can be – just add all ingredients at once, put the lid on, and start on low. This is pretty much how all recipes cook in MEC. Another benefit of MEC is that you don’t need to look through a glass lid to make sure your food isn’t burning. These pots cooks steadily on low without burning and a lid can be removed and replaced at anytime during cooking to add some seasoning or another ingredient.

A fast slow cooker is an oxymoron but this is exactly what MEC is. Most beans & lentils can cook within 40-50 minutes compared to 6-8 hours in a slow cooker. Similarly, beef broth, that takes 12 hours in a good slow cooker, can be done in MEC within 2 to 2.5 hours maximum (6 qt. quantity).

Flexible & Versatile

A single pot can be used for all kinds of recipes – besides slow cooking, one can use MEC for pressure cooking, Dutch oven cooking, yogurt making, bread baking, sautéing, stir-frying and so on. What’s more? This multi cooker can cook on gas and electric stoves and is also oven safe up to 450 degrees F.

Energy Efficient

The energy consumption is minimal because food cooks sufficiently on low. Food doesn’t need reheating because the pot keeps contents warm to an ideal serving temperature for hours after cooking. No need to worry about higher utility bills on account of cooking.

Made in USA since 2011

MEC is a truly made in USA cookware since its inception in 2011. The makers source the raw material, primary clay, from secluded lands in Boston; and it is tested in a reputable state lab. And the whole making process takes place in-house in MEC’s own facility using time-honored hand-crafting process that is exclusive to them. Currently, the company offers slow cooker pots, pans that can be used as sauté pan, bowls for soup and other cooked food, and cups, all made from the same primary clay, toxin free.

Crock Pot with Easy Cleanup

Unlike conventional slow cooker crock pots, MEC comes in a simple 2-piece design making cleaning and maintenance a breeze. No removable insert or irreplaceable sophisticated parts and electronic control units that may stop functioning without any known cause.

Although dishwasher safe, MEC can be cleaned by hand easily and quickly using a cleaning brush with just water and baking soda – no toxic soaps or detergents are required or recommended. It comes with an instruction manual (also available on their website) with more information on care and cleaning as well as cooking tips, and you can always email their highly responsive customer care if you ever feel lost.

Ready to slow cook a healthy and nutritious meal without any hassle? Head over to MEC’s online store and order the best slow cooker today! Find recipes for rice, vegetables, chicken and meat dishes here.

People Also Ask:

Is there a slow cooker not made in China?

Although most slow cookers and instant pot makers are either imported from or use parts that are made in China, Miriams Earthen Cookware is a pioneering brand that makes slow cooking pots in USA from a raw material also sourced from within the USA, pure primary clay. This is an inert material fully non-toxic. Unlike popular slow cooker brands, including 360 Cookware, this cookware contains no metals, glazes, or harmful non-stick coatings. More information on their unique stovetop slow cookers can be found here.


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