A Healthy, All-natural and Non-toxic Dutch Oven made in the USA

A Dutch oven is a sturdy piece of cookware with thick walls and a heavy bottom so it can supply uniform heat to the food and can retain heat for longer when cooking on low. Home cooks use it for a variety of recipes like one pot meals, soups, pasta, mixed vegetables and so on. The idea is to cook healthy by retaining the flavors and nutrients so the dish comes out extra rich and tastes great. But are all Dutch ovens really healthy? We will find out shortly, but first, an important question:

Do you care about eating non-toxic and healthy?

If you are like most people who don’t care much about the fact that eating toxic food makes you sick, because there is a medicine for all diseases, you can leave it right here!

But if you are amongst the minority that cares for their health, knows the potential of a healthfully cooked meal, likes to learn about ways to cook in a non-toxic pot – made from an all-natural material, and as a bonus – made in the USA, then you must read this article because it is written just for you!

What makes a Dutch oven unhealthy?

Conventional Dutch ovens are made from metals that are innately reactive (for example, cast iron Dutch oven, enameled cast iron Dutch oven etc.). They are made far away so their actual composition (like types of chemicals used in the coating) can not be ascertained. These also leach metal and chemical toxins into your food. The toxins react to nutrients and form toxic compounds that are assimilated into the body with food. These get absorbed in the cells and the blood stream, slowly damage your organs over time and make you sick. Also, the nutrients are destroyed because of the high heat, depleting your immune system of essential fuel and weakening it over time – eventually, to a point of no return. But wait, one person already thought this through and started working on a solution a decade ago. More on that below.

How Miriams clay cookware is different

Miriam realized long time ago that a healthy cookware can’t be made with metals or synthetic materials because they all leach metals and/or chemicals. The only material that is truly non-toxic is all-natural primary clay – and this is why, our ancestors only cooked in pure clay.

Using lab tested primary clay as the raw material, Miriam decided to make a Dutch oven without any additives or glazes – right in the USA, so the final product is as pure and inert as the raw material. Therefore, she decided to follow the ancient practice of making pots and pans with skillful hands by throwing clay on a potter’s wheel.

Making an all-natural Dutch oven on a potter’s wheel

The ergonomic design and unique hand-finishing process gives them many healthy features, making them far superior to any other Dutch oven. One such benefit is even heat distribution which allows everything to cook thoroughly, evenly and not dry out or burn. An added benefit? No need for oven mitts! Even when the dish is fully cooked, the handles remain at room temperature. Keep reading to learn more.

How Miriams Clay Pots take Dutch Oven cooking to the next level

Besides being 100% non-toxic, these pots cook with earthen far infrared heat – a gentle form of heat which cooks food thoroughly while keeping even delicate nutrients intact. The ingredients cook faster at low heat, and the flavors stand out with the phytonutrients and flavonoids intact. No need for high temperatures, when nutrients are often depleted. Moreover, the water soluble nutrients present as steam during cooking are locked inside with the lid designed to trap steam, naturally condensing it on the inner side of the lid, which stays cooler than the pot. Food is fortified with water soluble nutrients and keeps you full longer.

Prevent burning, prevent sticking

This clay cookware is designed to be naturally non-stick after just 4-5 uses of making water-based dishes (learn more). Therefore your ingredients do not stick to the surface, even when using water in place of oil, during the food preparation process.

Multi Functional!

Lastly, these pots offer more flexibility than conventional Dutch ovens. You can use them as pressure cookers, as slow cookers for stews, to make sauce, as a baking dish to bake bread, for browning meat, as yogurt makers and more.

Also, on any heat source: gas, electric or glass stovetop, and inside the oven.

Ready to experience the next level of Dutch oven cooking in a healthy, all-natural, and non-toxic pot? Head over to our online store and order a pot today. Ready to try a recipe in MEC? Here are some great Dutch oven recipes (with cooking tips):

1. Chickpea Soup With Pasta & Vegetables

2. Garbanzo Chili (Chana Masala)

3. One-Pot Healthy Spaghetti Primavera

4. Lentil & Bean Soup With Healthy Vegetables and an Assortment of Spices (AKA Sambar)

5. Mixed Vegetables Simmered in Coconut Gravy

People Also Ask:

What can be used instead of a Dutch oven?

The best alternative is Miriams pure clay pot because it offers all the features of a conventional Dutch oven and many more – learn more about them here. In fact, this heavy duty pot is much healthier because unlike cast iron Dutch ovens, it is naturally non-toxic, doesn’t come with toxic enamel coating and keeps all the nutrients intact.

Unlike instant pots, it keeps food warm for 4x longer after cooking and you can use this versatile pot for baking bread, slow cooking, pressure cooking, campfire cooking and so on. These are oven safe and can be cleaned easily using just baking soda.

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