Get this Dutch Oven for Barbecue Cooking this Summer

It’s officially summertime which means – sun, beaches, adventure, and of course backyard cookout or barbecue parties! Whether you’re cooking a classic slow-baked dish, a hearty stew or even that BBQ classic chili, a Dutch oven has you covered. This sturdy cooking pot with thick walls is great at producing strong flavors and tender dishes. You no longer need to worry about hot liquids bubbling over and a mess on your cooktop. Taking cooking outside to the barbecue has its benefits.

Cooking for your summer barbecue does not mean you can’t cook healthy and nutritious foods that are also aromatic and delicious. If you choose the right Dutch oven pot, you can retain all the health value and flavors of your wisely chosen ingredients. Keep reading to learn what to look for while choosing a Dutch oven for summer barbecue cooking.

Why MEC is the best Dutch Oven for Summer Barbecue Cooking

Although there are many varieties available in the market, MEC’s pure clay cooking pot make the best Dutch oven for healthy cooking. Unlike reactive materials like metals and ceramics, pure clay doesn’t leach toxins or destroy nutrients – thanks to extensive measures the makers adopt to make the healthiest pots.

Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) – a US-based pioneering clay cookware brand uses lab tested primary clay because it is the only known inert material. MEC doesn’t use any additives or chemicals to make the manufacturing process easier. Doing so can compromise the health of cooking pots and the food cooked therein.

Any impurity or additive in the raw material may cause the cooking pot to leach and contaminate food while cooking. To avoid that, MEC individually handcrafts each piece by throwing clay on a potter’s wheel and using skillful hands to shape them. At no point do the pots or the raw material come in contact with any toxic substance whatsoever. This makes MEC 100% non-toxic.

Unlike conventional materials that give out harsh heat and destroy nutrients, MEC radiates gentle far infrared heat. Food cooks from inside out at low heat. This unique heat spreads evenly throughout the pot and penetrates deep into food. This process preserves even the most delicate nutrients while cooking the food completely.

The ergonomic design of the pot and lid gives this cookware some unique healthy features:

MEC pots are so versatile that one can cook a variety of dishes on any heat source. You can use it on gas, electric, glass cooktop, woodfire or inside the oven. This means your Dutch oven can also be your rice cookerbread bakerslow cookervegetable steamerpressure cookeryogurt maker and so on.

MEC’s excellent steam management condenses steam on the inside of the lid that stays cooler than the rest of the pot. This steam, which is essentially water-soluble nutrients, keeps falling back into food. And you get all the nutritional value from your food.

MEC pots retain heat for up to 4x longer than any conventional pot. Therefore, your food stays warm for hours after you are done cooking. This also means that the pot loses less heat to the surroundings making it convenient to cook with it in the summer heat.

All these features and more make MEC pots the best Dutch oven for your summer barbecues. Interested in cooking your ripe tomatoes, sweet corn, and spicy slaw in MEC’s healthy Dutch oven? Head over to our online store and order a pot today.

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