Non-toxic Kitchenware made in USA — Which one is it?

Kitchenware is the cookware, serve ware, tools, utensils, and equipment used for preparing and serving food. There is a vast variety of kitchenware available in the market but why should one look for non-toxic kitchenware? Which one is it and where can one purchase non-toxic kitchenware made in the USA? This article answers all these questions. Keep reading to learn more.

Why look for a non-toxic kitchenware

Food, a biochemical entity, is prone to react to kitchenware – if it is made from a reactive material. Metals are innately reactive so any kitchenware made from metals, their oxides, or ceramics laden with chemicals and metal oxides can leach into food.

The leaching is more likely when the food is hot. The heat acts as a catalyst to the biochemical reaction between food’s nutrients and toxins leaching from the kitchenware material. The toxic compounds thus formed contaminate food. Eating such food regularly eventually causes serious health problems, affecting body functions and compromising the immune system. Avoiding these hazards calls for a non-toxic kitchenware.

What is a non-toxic kitchenware?

non-toxic kitchenware is the one made from an inert (non-reactive) material. Some manufacturers try to achieve this by coating a toxic material with an inert layer. But this is not reliable because the outer layer can scrape off or crack in time. Therefore, a kitchenware made from an inert material through and through is the only viable solution.

The only such known material is all-natural primary clay. Primary clay is the highest quality clay and is free from impurities. It is naturally inert so there is no risk of leaching. It is the only time-tested non-toxic material for making kitchenware. Per recorded history, our ancestors relied on pure clay kitchenware for cooking and serving food until a century or so ago. No wonder they lived healthier lives than us.

Luckily, we can still go back to our roots and switch to a truly non-toxic kitchenware. Keep reading to learn how.

Where can I purchase non-toxic kitchenware made in the USA?

Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) is a US-based company that has been making kitchenware from lab tested primary clay for more than a decade. They do not use any additives, chemicals, glazes, or enamels and make kitchenware from pure clay while maintaining its integrity.

They harvest clay from 25-30 feet below the ground because the pollutants and tailings from mining and industrial waste do not travel beyond 4-5 feet. The clay sample is sent to a reputable state lab to test for every mineral, nutrient, and contaminant to the minute precision.

MEC makes all their products by throwing clay on a potter’s wheel and using skillful hands to shape it into usable pieces. This avoids use of chemicals because every mechanized process calls for it. As a result, all their products are completely free from chemicals, additives, and glues. This means they are as pure and natural as the raw material even after firing because there are no impurities to fuse into the final product.

MEC’s range of Non-toxic Kitchenware

MEC currently offers pots and pans of different sizes to cater to the requirements of individuals and families . One can use these versatile pots on any heat source – gas, electric or glass cooktop – as well as in the oven. They are good to go over a woodfire and barbecue grill. They are multifunctional so one can use them in the place of these different types of cookware: Dutch Oven, Best Soup & Stews PotPressure CookerRice & Grains CookerYogurt MakerVegetable SteamerSlow CookerBread Baker.

A few years back, they expanded their range of non-toxic kitchenware and added non-toxic cups and bowls. You may use them for serving and cooking/heating small quantities of food, teas, or decoctions, etc. They are easy to season and use, and are a great replacement for your metal or ceramic serve ware. Recently, MEC also started offering pots for fermenting, sprouting and micro-gardening at a great discount.

They are working hard on bringing more new kitchenware items this year: naan pans/griddles will be on their store very soon. And the water jars, salad plates and bowls are in early stages of development. Feel free to subscribe to MEC newsletter (at the bottom of website) to receive an update as soon as they are in store.

Interested in joining the league of healthy cooks who use MEC as their primary non-toxic kitchenware, then head over to our online store and order your first MEC kitchenware today!

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