5 Reasons to Switch to MEC’s Non-toxic Clay Cookware

How many times have you thought about switching to non-toxic cookware, and buy a product that you later find out is not completely toxin-free? Making the switch is hard enough, taking time and research and diligence to shop for a safe non-toxic cookware. This article will outline the 5 reasons to switch to non-toxic cookware and show why MEC is the best and only choice. Let us dive right in.

1. Effect on your health:

The foremost reason to make this switch is for the sake of your good health. Nothing can make up for a healthy body. When you cook in a metal or ceramic cookware, the toxins leaching from the raw material contaminate your food. Eating such food regularly compromises your body functions and immune system. Eventually several illnesses start creeping in and before you know it, you are struggling with a chronic health problem. And the worst part is – you may not realize it before it is too late. Therefore, one must look for a truly non-toxic cookware to live a sickness-free life.

2. Absence of a tested non-toxic raw material:

Metals are innately reactive, and ceramics are laden with several chemicals. And then there are toxic additives, glazes and enamels to add to the toxicity of the cookware. Many cookware manufacturers never talk about testing their raw material for toxicity. And in marketing information, it may be unclear that there are toxic materials in the cookware. Why is this? The focus may be more on making money than on disclosing the raw material contents clearly so customers can more easily evaluate purchases.

But we, as a consumer, must do the research and testing (learn how to test your cookware at home) to make sure our cooking pot is made from a truly non-toxic raw material.

3. Additives used in clay cookware:

Realizing the importance of clay in making a non-toxic cookware, many manufacturers have started making clay cookware in the past few years. But to make the manufacturing process easy and cost effective, they add toxic additives to clay like feldspar, metal oxides, and glass, etc. This defies the whole purpose of switching to clay because pure and natural clay is 100% non-toxic but these additives are far from it.

4. No way for food toxins to leave the pot:

We are all aware how toxins enter our food through air, water, and soil when it is growing. And then foods may be chemically treated to keep them ‘fresh’ for longer. Conventional cookware does nothing to let out these toxins because they confine your food in a non-breathable pot during cooking. Also, the toxic off gassing from the metal casings of those so-called advanced electric cookers is another health hazard.

5. Toxic to the planet’s health:

Conventional cooking pots are not only toxic to the food and, in turn, to our body, they are also toxic to the planet. The mining of metal ores, the extraction and processing of metals and the abundance of chemicals used in the manufacturing process pollute the environment in so many ways. Also, a tremendous amount of energy from non-renewable sources is used in these processes.

Additionally, the non-biodegradable plastic packaging used by the makers and the carbon emissions during shipping pose a huge risk to the planet’s health. All this is gradually depleting natural resources and wildlife.

Lastly, there is no safe way to dispose of a conventional cookware when it is no longer usable.

All these reasons strongly call for a truly non-toxic alternative – one that does not contaminate food, our bodies or the planet.

Miriams Earthen Cookware – making truly non-toxic pots for humans and the planet

Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) is a US-based pioneering cookware brand that provides a viable solution to all the issues explained above. They make pots and pans from lab tested primary clay without any additives, glazes, or chemicals. Their cookware does not contaminate the environment in any way from harvesting of raw material to making the final product. They make each piece individually by throwing clay on a potter’s wheel and use skillful hands to shape it.

The pots turn out as pure and non-toxic as the raw material and do not leach. The gentle far infrared heat preserves even the most delicate nutrients. These are mostly destroyed when cooking with harsh heat from metals/ceramics.

MEC pots are naturally breathable (semi-porous) and this fulfills many functions. They allow air circulation through the pot while cooking so the food cooks with sufficient oxygen. The toxins or additional salts present in food or water used in cooking are filtered out.

Any excess water evaporates through the walls leaving your food with enough moisture and yet not too watery, especially while cooking rice and grains. And this process also makes your yogurt thicker and creamier the longer it stays in the pot.

You can cook everything with MEC right on the stovetop at low heat and in much less time – thanks to far infrared heat. This saves a lot of energy if you add up the amount of energy consumed in all your cooking sessions in a year. Also, there is no need to use the pot as an insert in your electric cookers. This avoids risk of toxic off-gassing close to the food.

What makes MEC planet-friendly

MEC uses fully bio-degradable packaging material (like egg cartons, cardboard, pulp, paper rolls instead of plastic wraps). They choose carbon neutral shipping at no additional cost to the customer. And at the end of their useful lifecycle as cooking pots, this cookware can be re-used for micro-gardening, sprouting, and fermenting. They eventually go back to the same earth where they come from.

Clearly, MEC takes all the possible steps in making a product that is 100% non-toxic to food and the planet. Is it challenging? Yes, but in the words of the makers: it is a labor of love that is totally worth it when the health of people and the planet is at stake.

Interested in switching to a truly non-toxic cookware to benefit the health of your family and the planet? Head over to MEC’s online store and order a MEC pot today!

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