How MEC became a truly eco-friendly brand and why does it matter?

Most of us have heard the term green cookware and have a sense that it is supposedly good for our planet, or at least not harmful. But out of all those products marketed to be “Green”, which ones are truly eco-friendly? We know living on our planet requires caring for not only ourselves, but also the world around us. Read on to learn why green cookware matters and how MEC emerged as a truly eco-friendly cookware brand.

What is “”Green cookware””?

A Green cookware would be the one that does not harm the environment in any way at any stage of its lifecycle. From procurement of raw material, to making pot and using it for cooking – it must be truly eco-friendly.

While so many cookware brands claim to be “Green”, most of them use it only as a marketing gimmick. When you make cookware from something that comes from mining, release toxic waste while processing and manufacturing, and the finished product is non-biodegradable, it is far from being “Green”.

Why does “”Green cookware”” matter?

A Green cookware is the need of the hour because cooking pots are an integral part of any household. Imagine if everyone switches to an eco-friendly cookware, what a huge positive impact it can put on the environment! Here are few features of a truly Green cookware:

A Green cookware is non-toxic to persons, wildlife, and earth. It must be free from all kinds of contaminants. It cooks without leaching into food, which means it should be non-reactive or inert. This is far better than innately reactive metals and chemical laden ceramics. This is how it becomes non-toxic to persons.

The harvesting of raw material, its processing and then manufacturing of pots & pans and finally cooking (no toxic off-gassing or leaching) – all these processes must be non-polluting. Also, any of these processes should not disrupt wildlife in any way.

It should conserve energy and be fully biodegradable, which means at the end of its useful lifecycle, it should not pose a threat to the planet. This way, it becomes non-toxic to the earth.

How MEC emerged as eco-friendly?

Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) is a pioneering US based company known for making a truly green cookware from lab tested primary clay without using additives, chemicals, or glazes. MEC was birthed from Miriam’s dream to help people cook the healthiest food. Her love for the environment caused her to take every possible step in making sure MEC pots and pans are planet-friendly in every way.

Unlike many other clay pot manufacturers, MEC makes cooking pots from 100% primary clay. Nothing is added to the clay, and it is not modified in any way to make it easy to work with. There are no additives, chemicals, glazes, or enamels used in the making.

No machines are used because they call for use of chemicals. Each piece is individually handcrafted on a potter’s wheel, so no two pieces are alike. This labor of love makes sure the final product is as pure and healthy as the raw material – both to people and the environment.

And it really pays off because the pots are 100% non-toxic, so there is no off-gassing. They cook in the healthiest way possible and at the end of their useful lifecycle, they go back to the same earth where they come from. So there is no contamination of any kind at any stage.

MEC uses corrugated paper rolls, cardboard, egg trays and paper tape – all fully biodegradable packaging materials instead of plastic, bubble wraps or cellophane tape. All packages ship carbon neutral – at no cost to the customers, to further protect the environment. This program plants trees around the world to offset carbon emissions caused by shipping.

As a planet-conscious customer, it is a great first step to start buying locally sourced products. It cuts down shipping miles and does not create large carbon footprints.

Ready to do your part in protecting the environment by switching to a truly Green cookware? Head over to MEC’s online store and order a pot today!

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