Why MEC chooses only primary clay to create their safe and healthy kitchenware

Using non-toxic kitchenware is as important as choosing the healthiest ingredients to cook the safest food for your family. This is because food is a biochemical entity and kitchenware comes in contact with it while cooking and serving. At cooking temperature, any toxic kitchenware can leach and react to nutrients in food and contaminate it. Therefore, MEC refrains from using conventional materials (like metals or ceramics) in any of their products and sticks to lab tested all-natural primary clay. How does MEC make their safe and healthy kitchenware from primary clay? Keep reading to learn more.

Choosing a non-toxic raw material

Primary clay is the only known all-natural raw material that is 100% non-toxic. While most manufacturers go for metals or ceramics because they are easy to work with, metals are innately reactive, and ceramics are laden with toxic chemicals. Therefore, MEC sticks to primary clay and takes further measures to make sure the final product is as pure and non-toxic as the raw material.

MEC harvests the best quality clay, primary clay, from secluded lands after testing a clay sample for contaminants. Other clay kitchenware manufacturers often settle for low quality secondary or tertiary clay. They are easy to work with but have impurities that make the final product toxic. (Read more about these here.)

Avoiding toxic chemicals and glazes

Furthermore, MEC does not use any chemicals, additives, glazes, or enamels to make kitchenware. They handcraft each piece by throwing clay on a potter’s wheel and using skillful hands to shape it into usable pieces. This is because adopting any machine-based process calls for use of chemicals and would contaminate the final product. MEC products stay uncontaminated as the whole manufacturing process is kept toxin-free throughout.

Also, MEC keeps the designs of all their products as simple as possible – free from any unnecessary indentations – because they can become breeding grounds for harmful bacteria. All this effort, which the makers like to call ‘a labor of love’, ensures the final pots, pans, cups, bowls, and plates turn out 100% non-toxic and safe for your food.

Interested in trying MEC’s truly non-toxic and safe kitchenware? Head over to MEC Store and order non-toxic kitchenware today!

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