Healthiest cookware for cooking baby food

Eating nutrient-rich food is a necessity for all of us but it is of greater significance among babies. As children grow, their brains, cells and vital organs continue to develop and grow with them. Poor diet at any age can hamper their ability to learn and process information, and negatively affect muscle development and growth. Therefore, they need a consistent and dependable supply of healthy foods and a balanced diet.

The issues with canned baby food

Some parents may want to turn to processed canned baby food because of misleading marketing. They claim to be very nutritive for babies but are unhealthy for many reasons.

The manufacturing process of these foods can contaminate food with toxins like heavy metals at any stage. They also contain food additives like flavoring agents, preservatives, and food colors etc. The common additives like acrylamide, azodicarbonamide, semicarbazide, MSG etc. are causing serious toxicity among children.

The plastic packaging and metal cans have Bisphenol A in the coatings, that can potentially leach into food inside. This is a known genotoxic and carcinogenic compound. And this is just one of the many toxins that contaminate processed food. Avoiding toxins such as these make it mandatory for your little ones to have only homemade baby food.

How can you cook baby food at home in a healthy way?

Homemade baby food is a good start, but it does not mean there are no risks involved. It is important to choose a non-toxic cooking pot when preparing food for infants. Cooking in metals can contaminate food because of all the leaching – metals are innately reactive. There are other alternatives that are not metals, like ceramics, but those include harmful chemicals and metal oxides as additives or glazes, which leach into the food. So how can you avoid all these risks? Which is the healthiest cookware for making baby food ? Keep reading to find out.

Clay pot cooking is beyond a doubt the healthiest way to cook baby food, but the quality of clay is critically important. Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) is a US-based company that makes cookware from lab tested primary clay. Primary clay is the best quality clay, free from impurities and MEC does not use additives or glazes. They handcraft each piece so there is no contact with chemicals from machines.

When you cook your baby food in MEC pots, it is 100% toxin-free. Furthermore, all the nutrients stay intact because unlike harsh heat from other materials, MEC’s clay radiates far infrared heat. This gentle food-friendly heat penetrates deep into food and keeps nutrients intact. The delicate nutrients like phytonutrients and flavonoids maintain the natural flavor and color of nutritious ingredients so the the food tastes delicious without adding artificial flavors. Eating MEC cooked food regularly nourishes your baby and aids in his/her overall development and growth.

Want to give the best and the healthiest food to your baby? Head over to MEC’s online store and order a pure clay baby food maker today!

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