How MEC cookware can take slow cooking to the next level – Healthier and Faster

Slow cooking is quite popular because of the convenience of not having to babysit your food. You can add all ingredients to your crockpot, turn it on and let it cook for the next 6-8 hours or so, only to find your food ready to serve when you come back from work. This may sound like a great way to cook delicious slow cooked meals, but it comes at a huge cost to your health. Keep reading to know why.

The health risks of cooking in a conventional crock pot

Cooking slow and low seems like a healthy way to cook but there could be a potential danger lurking in your crock pot: lead. Lead is a neurotoxic heavy metal and a systemic poison that affects every organ in the body. The medical consensus is that there is no safe level of lead exposure. And while the health risks of lead are great for all of us, they are especially harmful to children, who absorb a higher proportion per body weight and are more vulnerable to its effects.

This lead keeps building up in your body over a period of months or years and can cause serious health problems. In children, it is linked to learning disabilities, developmental delays, and lower IQ scores. And what is more, lead poisoning occurs silently with no obvious symptoms.

Apart from lead, there may be other toxins leaching from the reactive metal your pot is made from.

These pots radiate harsh near infrared heat that destroys nutrients (yes, even at low heat). As a result, your food is devoid of essential nutrients and is contaminated with toxins.

This calls for an alternative – a pot that does not leach and preserves nutrients. And what if, it could fully cook your recipe taking less than half the time it takes in a crock pot? Find out which pot can do that:

MEC – a healthy alternative to conventional slow cooking

Miriams Earthen Cookware’s (MEC) pure clay pots are perfect for healthier and faster slow cooking. MEC makes their cookware from 100% pure and natural primary clay without using additives, glazes, or chemicals. Their pots and pans are naturally non-toxic so do not leach.

The food friendly far infrared heat that radiates from pure clay gently penetrates food and cooks thoroughly at low heat, taking half the time or even less. For example, cooking a bone broth with beef bones usually calls for 12-15 hours of cooking in a crock pot. However, this can be done in about 3 hours in MEC on a gas stove. And a delicious chicken broth made with chicken bones takes just 1.5 hours. All other non-vegetarian recipes cook in 1 hour or so. Other cooking times include 45 minutes – 1 hour for vegetarian recipes like beans and 30 mins or less for grains.

Not only that, but this unique heat also keeps nutrients intact – even the most delicate ones like complex carbs, phytonutrients, and flavonoids. This also maintains the natural color, taste and aroma of your food, and your overall dish cooks rich and delicious as flavors blend harmoniously.

Want to take your slow cooking to the next level by cooking healthy and nutritious in MEC? Head over to MEC’s online store and order a healthy slow cooking pot today!

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