Choose the Healthiest Cookware for your family

Every aware home chef wants to cook in the healthiest cookware, especially when one is cooking for the whole family. This article explains some characteristics a healthy cookware must possess, while comparing different kinds of cookware based on these criteria. Keep reading to learn more.

100% Non-toxic – No toxins leaching into food

The foremost characteristic to look for in any cooking pot should be – is it non-toxic? And for that, the raw material must be free from contaminants. Therefore, metal cookware is a big NO because all metals are innately reactive. This means that the metals leach into your food! What about cooking in clay – you may wonder about that option.

There are some clay cookware varieties that claim to be healthier. But if the clay is low quality (secondary or tertiary) and/or is treated with chemicals (metal oxides, additives, glazes, enamels etc. like in case of ceramics), it will leach and contaminate food. What then, is the healthiest cookware to choose for the whole family?

Cooking pots made from unglazed primary clay without additives or glazes is the best option. Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) – a pioneering all American company makes pots and pans from the purest quality of clay. Their cookware does not leach while cooking – even as evident by a test you can do right in your kitchen (learn how it is done).

Maintains Nutrients in Food

What good is non-toxic food if many of the nutrients get depleted during the cooking process? This happens in cookware made from metals and substandard clay, which radiate harsh near infrared heat. As a result, most nutrients break down and food is left with little nutritional value.

On the other hand, MEC pots, made from 100% primary clay, radiate unique far infrared heat – a food-friendly heat that preserves even the most delicate nutrients (like complex carbs, phytonutrients, flavonoids etc.).

Versatile – one cooking pot fits the whole family

When buying a cooking pot for the whole family, it is best if one pot can cook various recipes. When buying metal or ceramics cookware, you might need to invest in different cooking pots for different kinds of cooking. However, the MEC cookware can be used in cooking food for family members of all ages, from babies to teens to elders.

The cookware is the healthiest cookware for family members who are healthy, and also for those with acute or chronic illnesses The MEC cookware can be used for such a wide variety of cooking – from sweet and savory dishes to breads, main course to desserts, and from slow cooking broths to pressure cooking grains.

In summary, what is one cookware that can qualify as the healthiest for all family members? You guessed it right! A single MEC pot has health benefits for all, yet versatile to fit every generation, health need, and every style of cooking except deep frying. You may use it for Dutch oven cookingpressure cookingslow cookingsteaming vegetablescooking rice and grainssoups & stewsbaking bread, making yogurt and much more

Intrigued how a single pot can have so many features of the healthiest cookware? Get your hands on MEC’s healthy cooking pots today! They ship worldwide!

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