The perfect Pots and Pans for Healthy Cooking — Why Miriams Earthen Cookware qualifies?

Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) – a company that believes in the ancient tradition of cooking in clay due to its health benefits. MEC takes several measures to make sure their pots and pans are as healthy as the raw material. Read on to learn more about this clay cookware and its role in healthy cooking:

MEC uses 100% primary clay for raw material

The material that grows food is also what cooks it in the healthiest way. Our ancestors knew this for a fact, and therefore, they cooked in clay for thousands of years. MEC realized this and decided to bring back this lost tradition. The MEC team harvests clay from unfarmed and non-industrialized lands. It is then tested in a state laboratory to confirm it doesn’t contain toxins. This handmade cookware is made without using any chemicals, additives, or glazes. The potters make pots and pans using skillful hands on a potter’s wheel – just like old times!

MEC pots and pans are 100% non-toxic

Because pure clay is naturally non-toxic, there are no toxins to leach into food unlike when cooking in reactive metals and chemical laden ceramics. Therefore, the MEC clay pots and pans keep food uncontaminated. Another amazing feature of pure clay pots is they filter out toxins from the food and water in the form of tiny dark droplets while cooking. No other cookware can do anything close to this.

MEC pots and pans retain nutrition of food while cooking

MEC pots cook with gentle far infrared heat. In contrast to conventional pots that radiate harsh near infrared heat that burns nutrients, this unique food-friendly heat penetrates deep into food and cooks it thoroughly on less than medium heat. All the nutrients stay intact and food cooks in about the same time or less.

MEC has ergonomically designed their pots and pans so they can be used on any heat source and for different kinds of recipes. But the most important function is their ability to manage steam (water soluble nutrients). The steam produced while cooking condenses on the less hot inner side of the lid and keeps falling back into food. In this way, all the water-soluble nutrients are preserved.

Interested in using MEC pots and pans for healthy cooking? Visit our online store and order a pure clay pot today!

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