Cook All Your Rice Dishes in the Best Rice Cooker

Whether you are cooking Millie RiceMushroom RiceBiryani Rice, or other rice dishes, the clay pot is the best rice cooker. As you explore cooking different rice dishes from around the world, you will find the rice comes out rich and delicious in pure clay. It is filled with many nutrients lost in conventional cooking methods. How does clay cooks rice healthier and more delicious? Let us find out in this article.

Why a Clay Pot is the Best Rice Cooker

A pot made with all-natural primary clay is the best rice cooker because it cooks rice in the healthiest way possible, in contrast to conventional cookware. Miriam’s Earthen Cookware (MEC) offers these handmade clay pots made in the USA. The founder of MEC, Miriam Kattumuri, experimented with different types of rice cooking to manage blood sugar levels during a bout with diabetes. In the process, she learned much about choosing the best rice and the benefits of cooking it in clay which we will share here.

Types of Rice, and how to choose the best

Rice comes in many varieties – Basmati, Jasmine, short-grain, long grain, white, brown, and more. How do you choose the most nutritious and tasty rice for the best rice cooker? The rice varieties that are heavily processed, modified (GMO) and ‘enriched’ with additives are a big NO because they lack nutritional value and are full of unhealthy additives.

Some common types of rice

The main types of rice are long-grain, short-grain, white, parboiled, brown and wild. Short-grain rice is very starchy and cooks up soft and sticky. Examples of these are arborio rice and sushi rice. Long-grain rice is drier and rice grains remain more separate in cooking. Jasmine and Basmati are popular long-grain varieties that bring out distinctive flavor.

Parboiled rice is higher in nutrients compared to unenriched regular white rice. Brown rice is high in fiber and has a chewy texture. Wild rice has fewer calories, so it is better for weight loss.

Also, when cooking in clay, some types of rice cook better than the others. The starchy varieties turn out sticky and chewy, so parboiled aged rice is your best bet. Besides having less starch, it is unprocessed and healthier. Basmati rice of East Indian origin is our personal favorite because it has been grown there for several thousands of years and is free from toxins like arsenic.

Health Benefits of Cooking Rice in Clay

One health benefit of cooking rice in clay is to retain nutritional balance of carbohydrates. All rice contains both simple and complex carbohydrates as the main nutrients. It is healthiest to supply a balance of both nutrients to the body. Complex carbs are more delicate and may break easily while cooking. This results in an excessive supply of simple carbs and no complex carbs. Eventually, it causes mismanagement of insulin and hence, diabetes!

Another health benefit gained by cooking rice in clay is nutrient retention due to gentle heat. When cooking in conventional materials like metals and ceramics, the harsh near infrared heat destroys complex carbs. Conversely, pure clay cooks with far infrared heat. It penetrates deep into each grain and cooks the rice thoroughly at low heat.

The unique design of the MEC pots also retains additional nutrients that might otherwise be lost in steam escaping. The lid cools the rising steam inside the pot, allowing the steam with water-soluble nutrients to return to the food. The complex carbs stay intact and the result is rice that is soft, moist, and fluffy. And it tastes delicious with all the nutrients intact.

Once you have the rice at hand and a great recipe in mind, MEC can exceed your expectations any day. Now that you have learned why clay is the best rice cooker, and about different types of rice, you just need a pot! Visit our MEC store today to choose the best pot for your best rice dishes. Don’t stop there! MEC has a few delicious rice recipes to get you started!

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