The story behind making the world’s safest cookware

Miriam’s Earthen Cookware (MEC) – a not-so-popular brand is responsible for bringing 100% non-toxic all-natural cookware to the kitchens of thousands of healthy cooks around the world. Miriam Kattumuri, the founder of MEC always believed in the power of truly healthy food in healing illnesses. And her strong belief intrinsically motivated her to make a pure line of cookware without additives, and right in the USA. Read her full story here. 

The Importance of Safe Cookware 

Cooking food is a biochemical reaction and like any other chemical reaction, it must be carried out in a non-reactive vessel, if not, the final product will be modified in unusual ways. When food is cooked in reactive metals or chemical laden ceramics, the toxins leaching from the pot modifies the nutritional composition of food and its integrity is compromised. The accumulation of these toxic nutrients (nutrients tainted with metal ions and chemicals) is the root cause for many chronic illnesses. 

The Steps MEC takes to make the World’s Safest Cookware 

Step 1: MEC leaves no stone unturned in making sure their raw material is free from toxic impurities. They harvest the highest quality primary clay from unfarmed and non-industrialized lands in the USA. The clay sample is tested at the state lab for contaminants before it is used to make cookware. 

Step 2: The company does not use any additives to modify the raw material to gain any manufacturing advantage. The prime focus is not on making the most “perfect looking” pot but on making a perfect cooking pot – A pot that can cook your food in the healthiest, nutritious, and delicious way possible. So, they use unglazed primary clay without any additives! 

Step 3: Each piece is individually handcrafted because most mechanized processes call for use of chemicals. Making them individually by hand is a laborious process no doubt, but it is a labor of loveand our customers are worth it! 

Step 4: MEC pots acquire a natural orangish-red hue and a beautiful satin appeal after firing, and no colors, glazes or enamels are used to make them “shiny”! Any imperfections you see are unique to each pot/pan, and proof to their individuality and hand-made nature. 

An all-natural pot that is sturdy, versatile, and easy to use – this is what the world’s safest cookware feels like. Here is what customers think of MEC pots and pans: 

“The pots are so beautiful, and it feels so natural to cook with. Love how good the food is tasting, and how much healthier for my family. Thank you so much !!” 

— Sher, USA 

“What I love most about Miriams Earthen Cookware is that is it completely natural and unprocessed, making it the healthiest cookware available! And that is so unique and rare to find nowadays in our high-tech world! I have felt more energized using these products and have better tasting food. Thank you so much MEC for returning us to our roots! Cookware the REAL way!! Love these high-quality pieces! <3” 

 — Cheryl, USA

More reviews about MEC can be found here. Intrigued by the idea of truly healthy cooking in the safest cookware? Head over to MEC Store and order your set of pots and pans today! 

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