How to find a safe cookware?

Looking for a new cookware? The first question that pops up in every health-conscious cook’s mind is – is it safe? And rightly so because today, we are more aware than ever about how toxic cookware can contaminate our food and cause havoc in the body. Before we jump into the ordeal of choosing the safest cookware, let us take a quick glance at what “safe cookware really means. 

What is safe cookware? 

For a cooking pot or pan to be safe, it must cook food without leaching toxins and without affecting the nutrients. And these properties primarily depend on the raw material it is made from, and how it is made. 

The raw material should be pure and inert (non-reactive with food), so it does not interfere with the biochemicals in food. If a cookware is reactive, it will react to form toxic compounds detrimental to the body disrupting its functionality in various levels. 

After choosing a 100% non-toxic and safe raw material, another important aspect is making them without using chemicals and additives. With these facts in mind, let us see how one can find safe cooking pots

How to find a safe cookware? 

Among popular raw materials: metals, their alloys, and chemicals are reactive, so they are prone to leach toxins while cooking. Even the ones that are glazed with chemicals is a big NO! 

The right material would be 100% non-toxic and inert. The only such known raw material is primary clay. Pots and pans made from this all-natural material are 100% inert and thus make perfect raw material for the safest cookware

In USA, a pioneering company called Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) makes pots and pans from pure clay (also sourced from USA) and sells them around the world through their online store. They take extreme care to keep their cookware as pure as their raw material and therefore make them by hands! The pure clay is thrown on a potter’s wheel and shaped into cooking pots using skillful hands – just like ancient times. 

MEC’s ergonomically designed pots and pans are versatile, so one can use them on any heat source (gas/electric/glass cooktop/oven) and can cook a variety of dishes in a single pot like soups and stews, lentils, baking bread, sauteing, stir-frying, as Dutch oven, pressure cooker and so on. 

These 100% non-toxic healthy pots redefine what a safe cookware means to the modern age. Especially when we are used to compromising the health of everything (quality of air, water and even food), here comes a safe cookware without any compromise. 

Interested in cooking in the safest cookware? Head over to MEC Store and order a pure clay pot today!

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