The Healthiest Cooking Pots and Pans can only be made from a 100% Non-toxic Raw Material. Find out why

The health of your cooking pot depends mainly on one factor – the purity of raw material. In a pot made from reactive material, the composition of nutrients gets modified while cooking. This is because cooking food is a biochemical process, and when it takes place in a reactive material, the toxic ions leaching from the material combine with the nutrients in food. The toxic compounds formed this way are assimilated in blood and organs to cause detrimental changes. Therefore, one should know which cookware materials are reactive and which are not. 

Which materials are reactive? 

All metals, their alloys and chemicals used in glazes and enamels are reactive when you cook food in them. Surprisingly, these are the materials most conventional cookware are made of. For instance, ceramics is laden with so many chemicals containing metal oxides that are prone to leach when you cook food in a ceramic pot. The rule of thumb is – any cookware material that has metals or chemicals in any form is reactive and must not be used to cook healthy food. The healthiest cookware material would be 100% non-toxic and inert so it doesn’t change the composition of nutrients in food. 

Which material is 100% non-toxic? 

The only known material that is naturally inert and can be used for making cookware is pure and natural unglazed primary clay or pure clay. And the only cookware manufacturer that makes pure clay pots and pans in the US from raw material sourced locally without using chemicals, glazes, enamels, or any kind of toxic additive is Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC). 

MEC pots and pans are tested and certified 100% non-toxic and are perfect for cooking the healthiest food. They make cookware by following the ancient method of throwing pure clay on a potter’s wheel and then using skillful hands to shape them into usable pots. They do this because any mechanized manufacturing process involves use of toxic chemicals and MEC wants to keep their cookware truly non-toxic

MEC’s ergonomically designed pots and pans preserve nutrients while cooking with gentle far infrared heat and naturally condensing steam (water soluble nutrients). They can be used on all heat sources like gas/electric/glass cooktop and in the oven. And they are fully capable of cooking all kinds of recipes in less time and at low heat. 

Interested in cooking the healthiest food in the cookware made from 100% non-toxic raw material? Head over to MEC Store and order pure clay pots today! 

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