Why Pure and Primary Clay is the Safest Cookware Material? Find out

The safest cookware would be the one made from the safest raw material. And the safest raw material must be 100% non-toxic so it does not leach while cooking. As we know, the only all-natural material that is completely free from contaminants is pure and primary clay. This article explains why this material makes the safest cookware:

1. Pure and uncontaminated raw material making it the safest:

Pure and primary clay is the highest quality clay that is naturally free from contaminants. Cookware made from pure clay is inert or non-reactive, so doesn’t leach any toxins while cooking.

2. Pure clay is the only time-tested raw material

The practice of using pure clay to make cookware is as old as civilization itself. Our ancestor cooked in pots made from natural clay for thousands of years. There is no other material that has been used to make cookware for such a long period,

3. Does not need any additives or contaminants (when made the right way).

When made the right way – without the toxic chemicals and glazes, there is no need for additives. Chemical additives are required when pots and pans are made through a mechanized process on a large scale. But when they are hand made using the age-old method of throwing clay on a potter’s wheel and shaping it into a cooking pot using skillful hands, there is no need for additives! This method of making makes for the safest cooking pots and pans (link to safest cookware).

Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) – a pioneering company based in the USA has been making pots and pans using this method for more than a decade now. Their pots and pans are free from chemicals, glazes and enamels. Using the safest raw material, pure clay, MEC makes the safest cookware that cooks the healthiest uncontaminated food. (Read customer reviews)

Interested in cooking non-toxic and healthy food using the safest cookware? Head over to MEC Store and order a pure clay pot today!

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