Why Food cooked in Miriams Earthen Cookware is Highly Nutritious?

Nutrition is the process of ingesting, digesting, absorbing, transporting, and utilizing nutrients in the body to be used as a fuel for functioning of organs and life sustaining processes. A well-balanced diet provides the energy you need to keep active throughout the day along with the nutrients you need for growth and repair – helping you stay strong, healthy, and avoiding illnesses. 

Nutritious food depends on a choice of healthy ingredients (non-GMO, organic, rich in nutrient density, and freshness) and cooking them in a way that does not destroy nutrients. MEC achieves this in the following 3 ways: 

MEC keeps them 100% non-toxic

MEC, being made from pure clay, is completely free from metal and chemical toxins. This tested and certified raw material used in making pots and pans ensures they are 100% safe for cooking and DO NOT leach any toxins whatsoever while cooking. This means that unlike other toxic cookware which leach metals into food at cooking temperature where heat is acting as a catalyst, food cooked in MEC stays uncontaminated and safe. 

MEC saves delicate nutrients by cooking gently

The harsh heat from conventional cookware destroys most nutrients – leaving food nutrition deficient. MEC, on the other hand, cooks with unique far infrared heat that is gentle on nutrients and yet penetrates deep into food and spreads evenly throughout the pot. This way, the food is cooked well in less time even at low heat. And the best part – all the nutrients stay more intact so you get your daily dose of nutritious food.

MEC keeps food rich in water soluble nutrients by managing steam

In conventional cookware, the water-soluble nutrients present in the form of steam are lost: these cook with harsh heat which causes food to break down rapidly to release steam right from the start of the cooking process. When steam pressure gets too high, the obvious way is to release it through vents, or the pot might explode. 

MEC’s gentle far infrared heat causes steam to not start releasing until the food is almost done. Also, the center of the lid stays cooler than the pot.  So, when steam finally does rise, it condenses on the inner surface of the lid where the temperature is lower and falls back into food. 

Thus, food cooked in MEC is 100% non-toxic and rich in essential nutrients including water soluble nutrients that nourish your body daily. This improves your body functions, increases stamina, strengthens immunity, and avoids illnesses. 

Ready to make your meal nutritious and healthy? Head over to MEC Store and order a clay pot today. 

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