Improve your Health and boost your Immune System by Cooking in 100% Non-toxic Cookware

The role of immune system in keeping us free from sickness and diseases is irreplaceable. And we understand this fact now more than ever because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. A healthy immune system is the outcome of regular healthy and nutritious diet, and we are well aware that the cookware used for cooking food greatly affects its nutritional value and thus, in turn, your health and the immune system: 

Effects of Conventional Cookware on your immune system 

Conventional cookware are made from metals, their alloys and ceramics laden with chemicals containing metal oxides. Metals are innately reactive and must not be used to make cookware, because when food is cooked in such materials, the biochemical reactions that take place are modified by the leaching toxins. As a result, the cooked food is full of toxic compounds that are assimilated in the body and over time, deteriorate the functioning of various organs and weakens the immune system. The effect can be seen in the form increased vulnerability to various illnesses and diseases. 

The harsh near infrared heat radiating from such cookware makes matters worse by destroying essential nutrients that may otherwise aid in improving your overall health. 

This makes it very important for you to ditch the conventional and switch to a 100% non-toxic cookware like MEC’s pure clay cookware to let your body heal from the damages caused by toxic cookware and gain immunity. 

How truly 100% non-toxic cookware improves your food’s health which in turn improves your health and wellbeing? 

A 100% non-toxic cookware like MEC improves your food’s health in many ways: 

First, MEC cooks food without leaching toxins which means your wisely chosen healthy ingredients will not lose their goodness after cooking. Eating non-toxic food regularly allows the body to cleanse out the already accumulated toxins naturally and there will be positive impacts on the health of your organs and body functions. 

Second, MEC’s unique far infrared heat cooks food gently while keeping delicate nutrients intact. This means the food cooked in MEC will be nutrient-rich and will nourish your body with essential nutrients with each meal making you healthier and your immune system stronger. 

Third, the ergonomically designed MEC pots and lids can condense steam (water soluble nutrients) naturally. This means steam is not released like in conventional cookware but condenses on the inner surface of the lid (which stays cooler than the rest of the pot during cooking) and keeps falling back into food. 

Your body needs water soluble nutrients on a daily basis because these can not be stored like fat soluble nutrients. So the only way to get these regularly is from the food we eat regularly. 

How healthy food boosts immunity? 

Eating healthy and nutritious food cooked in MEC regularly, improves the health of organs and body functions. When your body is provided with a balanced diet rich in essential vitamins, proteins, minerals, carbs and other nutrients (without the toxins from the pot), it boosts your immune system and thus, it will fight infections more effectively. 

In addition to eating right and balanced meals, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, maintaining proper hygiene are ways to boost immunity. 

Ready to improve your immune system by eating food that is 100% healthy and non-toxic? Head over to MEC Store and order a pure clay pot today! 

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