Miriams Earthen Cookware vs. Other Clay Cookware

With the mission to make the world’s healthiest cookware, Miriam’s Earthen Cookware (MEC) – a US based company has been making 100% pure clay cookware, in the cleanest way possible, and has customers around the world who are enjoying healthy and delicious meals in them. Let’s see how MEC differs from other clay cookware and what makes it a better choice:

  1. MEC is made in the USA! using raw material also sourced from the USA. When the product is manufactured locally, there is a thorough overseeing of its purity, and making quality. On the other hand, almost all other cookware brands are imported, and what is said of them is only second-hand.
  2. MEC fully tests their raw material: MEC’s raw material is tested in the USA at MA state university lab and we share results publicly. This level of transparency is very crucial when your health depends on it. There is no other cookware maker who show you the test results of what the raw material is!
  3. MEC is 100% Hand-made: They are made by throwing clay on a potter’s wheel and using skillful hands to shape them. No mass-produced methods are used for the sake of convenience or to increase profits, because these methods call for use of chemicals and additives. This is how serious MEC is about maintaining the purity of their cookware while other manufacturers easily resort to unhealthy means to make the process faster and more profitable.
  4. MEC has very strict selection standards when it comes to choosing the raw material. Clay is harvested from secluded and non-industrialized lands from across the USA after testing clay samples for purity and composition. And then strictly refraining from using chemicals, glazes or enamels while making pots and pans. No other manufacturer takes so much care while choosing their raw material.
  5. MEC has a reliable and peace-of-mind warranty policy to make sure customers feel safe while spending their hard-earned money. MEC provides free replacement for damages that may happen during transit. For any cracks during use within the first year of purchase, MEC provides replacement at 50% and at 25% for subsequent 2 years. No other pure clay cookware carries this kind of warranty. Most of the time, you are on your own after you buy from them.
  6. While most clay cookware have limitations about what kind of heat source they can be used on, MEC can be used on all heat sources – gas, electric, wood stoves, grills, solar ovens and the likes… on some with a heat diffuser.
  7. MEC ships pots and pans worldwide through their online store while other clay cookware is limited to certain locations. This means anybody can get MEC no matter in which part of the world s/he lives in.

These are some of the factors that make MEC 100% Healthy, Non-toxic and green! Much better than other clay cookware. If you want to experience the difference MEC can bring to your food and health, head over to MEC Store and order the healthiest clay pots and pans today!

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