MEC’s truly green cookware: Can help you do your part in taking care of the planet

Have you heard of green cookware? We all have, because the market is full of cookware that claim to be healthy and green. We often see them with the label ‘green’ and some manufacturers even go as far as painting the cookware green to make sure we believe their claims. But is it really what ‘green cookware’ means? Keep reading to find out:

What is green cookware?

truly green cookware is the one that is eco-friendly, i.e., it doesn’t cause any bad effect on the environment in the making, transportation or use. Clearly, the label ‘green’ or the green color of a pot not at all means it is a green cookware.

The manufacturers use various materials while making their cookware and among these, the most popular categories are – metals and their alloysceramics and clay cookware.

Metals are procured from mines often created by cutting trees on a large scale. This disrupts eco-balance and wildlife. Also, mining metals on a large scale depletes earth’s natural resources because the ores and minerals do not get replaced. After mining, the extraction of metals from their ores cause extensive pollution of air, water and land. Large amount of energy is required for these processes which is an additional burden on non-renewable sources of energy. And finally, these are transported from one country to another in giant ships that cause extensive damage to the oceans and marine life.

This means any cookware that is made from metals is in no way green and that also includes the cookware that are glazed and enameled using metal oxides (like ceramics).

How is MEC’s primary clay cookware truly green?

MEC uses the purest form of clay (primary clay) as raw material – without additives! It is harvested from the earth’s crust where it forms by unique action between water, earth, and air – a 100% renewable resource. While most of manufacturing process takes place using bare hands, minimal amount of energy is used in the firing process. Also, it doesn’t cause any pollution. Once the pots and pans are ready, there are other ways they contribute to the well-being of our planet:

The many ways MEC helps you do your part in taking care our planet-our home:

MEC cookware radiates far infrared heat – a gentle heat that not just keeps nutrients intact but can also penetrate deep into food and cook thoroughly even at low heat. These pots retain heat and keep food warm for 6-12 hours longer than any other cookware. By cooking all foods on low or medium, and removing the need to reheat food multiple times, it saves a lot of energy.

MEC pots and pans are free from toxins so all they are made from is pure and natural primary clay – it is 100% biodegradable. These pots become part of the earth wherever they are disposed.

Thus, by switching to MEC’s truly green cookware, we can have a positive impact on the health of our home – our planet and do our part in taking care of the entity that takes care of all of us! Interested in bringing a truly green cookware to your kitchen? Head over to MEC Store and order a pure clay cookware today!

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