“Non-toxic” Kitchenware is the in thing now. Find out which is truly non-toxic and why?

As much as non-toxic cookware is important for cooking healthy food, your kitchenware also plays an important role in keeping the health value of cooked food intact when you serve it. This is because when food comes in contact with items in the kitchen like plates, bowls, cups and other serving dishes, it is prone to leach toxins and contaminate it, if the material your kitchenware is made of is toxic and reactive. This begs an important question: which kitchenware is truly “non-toxic”?

While most conventional materials like metals, their alloys and chemical laden ceramics contaminate your food by leaching metal and chemical toxins, a 100% non-toxic material, MEC’s pure clay can preserve your food’s health. Yes, you read that right: the company that is well known for making 100% non-toxic cookware also makes non-toxic kitchenware using the same healthy material, pure clay and following the same strict standards. MEC uses unglazed primary clay as raw material for making kitchenware – a naturally inert material free from chemicals or metals, untreated and unglazed to retain its health value.

Food served and stored in pure clay kitchenware stays the healthiest because there are no toxins leaching into it. Also, it stays warm for longer and the need for re-heating arises less often, thanks to MEC’s clay, which makes them a great retainer of heat.

If you care about truly 100% non-toxic kitchenware and cookware for you and your family, head over to MEC Store and order pure clay kitchenware today to experience how this naturally healthy material, pure clay can add to the health value of your cooked food!

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