MEC’s 100% Non-toxic Pressure Cookers VS. Popular Metal Pressure Cookers

Pressure cooking involves cooking food quickly under steam pressure created by adding water to the pot and then tightly closing it with a lid. While conventional pressure cookers with lock and seal lids claim to cook food quickly, MEC’s 100% non-toxic pressure-cooking pots promise to cook the same food in a healthier way. Let’s see how they are different from the conventional ones:

100% Non-toxic vs. Toxic and Reactive

The primary difference between a conventional pressure cooker and MEC pressure cooker is the kind of raw material used to make the pot. While conventional pressure cookers typically use a metal pot, MEC sticks to pure and natural unglazed primary clay or pure clay to make their pots.

Metals are innately reactive so they reactively leach toxins while cooking and contaminate food. Pure clay, on the other hand, is naturally non-toxic and inert so MEC pots being made from pure clay without any chemical additives/fillers, glazes or enamels, are 100% non-toxic so they don’t leach and keep food safe and healthy.

Natural Steam Condensing vs. Steam Forced to Stay Inside

MEC pots are known for their excellent steam management by condensing steam naturally. Conventional pressure cookers have vents in their lids that are locked and sealed to the pot to build up very high steam pressure to coerce food to cook faster while destroying delicate nutrients with harsh steam pressure and before the pot is opened, the steam (water-soluble nutrients) has to be released through the vents. If you happen to come in contact with that high temperature steam, it can literally burn the tissues of your skin so you can imagine what it does to the plant tissue inside the pot. On the other hand, MEC’s pure clay pots let the steam condense naturally on the inner side of lid (which stays cooler the rest of the pot during cooking) and it falls back into food. In this way, the water-soluble nutrients are preserved.

Far Infrared Heat Cooking vs. Near Infrared Heat Cooking

Metals and ceramics cook with near infrared heat – a harsh heat that destroys nutrients, so food cooked in them is nutritionally depleted, and lacks taste and color. Pure clay radiates gentle far infrared heat that penetrates deep into food and cooks thoroughly at low heat while keeping nutrients intact. The food cooked in pure clay is rich in phytonutrients and flavonoids, so the natural taste and color of food is preserved. Thus, food pressure cooked in MEC is far more nutritious and delicious than in conventional pressure cooker.

Unlike conventional pressure cookers, MEC pots can be used for many other kinds of cooking besides pressure cooking, like slow cookingmaking yogurtcooking soups, stewsrice and grains, and so on.

Would you like to pressure cook your food in a pot that is 100% non-toxic and keeps nutrients intact? Head over to MEC Store and order a pure clay pot today!


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