MEC’s 100% Non-toxic Slow Cookers VS. Conventional Slow Cookers

Slow cooking is a popular method of cooking foods for several hours with less to no babysitting. It is quite convenient for those who like to leave their food cooking for a whole day to find it ready to serve when they come back after 6-8 hours. On the other hand, MEC slow cookers promise to cook the same recipes in less than half the time among several other benefits, let’s see how they are different from conventional slow cookers:

Healthy Raw Material

While conventional slow cookers use metal or ceramic pot, MEC’s pot is made from pure and natural unglazed primary clay or pure clay. Metals are innately reactive so they leach toxins while cooking and contaminate the food and ceramics is laden with chemicals containing metal compounds that leach in a similar way, but pure clay being 100% non-toxic is naturally inert so doesn’t leach. This makes MEC’s slow cooker a far better choice than their conventional counterpart.

Better Nutritional Value of Food

Food cooked in metals loses nutrients because of harsh near infrared heat radiating from metal walls. This results in food being nutritionally depleted and devoid of its natural flavor and color. On the other hand, pure clay radiates gentle far infrared heat that keeps nutrients intact. The delicate phytonutrients and flavonoids are preserved so food is naturally delicious and rich in colors without any seasonings.

Excellent Steam Management

Even the most expensive conventional slow cookers fail at managing steam (water soluble nutrients); it has to be released in order to open the pot’s lid. MEC ergonomically designs their pot and lid so while cooking, steam condenses on the inner side of lid (which stays at a lower temperature than rest of the pot) and falls back into food, keeping it rich in water soluble nutrients.

Reduced Cooking Time

While conventional slow cookers take almost a whole day to cook a recipe, MEC’s slow cooking pots can do the job in a matter of few hours with their unique far infrared heat. Cooking a bone broth with beef bones usually calls for 12-15 hours of cooking in a crock machine, this can be done in about 3 hours in a pure clay pot! And with chicken bones, it takes just 1.5 hours. It usually takes 1.5 hours for meats, 45 minutes – 1 hour for vegetarian recipes, beans or when cooking grains (which takes just 30 minutes on gas) — all on medium to low heat setting. This saves time and energy, and as an added benefit, MEC’s pots can retain heat for longer so the need for re-heating arises less often.

Besides slow cooking, the same MEC pot can used for many other kinds of cooking like pressure cookingcooking rice and grainsmaking yogurtbakingsteaming vegetables, as a Dutch oven and so on. With so many health benefits and other useful features, MEC slow cookers are far better than any conventional slow cooking pot. Interested in cooking your next slow cooking recipe with MEC? Head over to MEC Store and order a pot today to have it delivered at your doorstep anywhere in the world!

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