Cooking Healthy Food in Healthy Pots: Why Both Aspects are Important?

Michelle, an avid cook has recently purchased an expensive range of cookware for her kitchen so she can cook her favorite recipes over the weekend. She decides to cook her all-time favorite rice in her brand-new copper clad stainless-steel pot. She is confident about the quality, taste and health value of her wisely chosen aged Basmati rice, but would her metal pot be able to retain the healthfulness of rice while cooking?

Ever wondered what happens to rice cooking in stainless steel? It’s no secret that all metals are innately reactive so could they be leaching into rice? And what will happen to the food which is a biochemical entity coming in contact with metals in the presence of high heat?

Yes! Someone has thought about this and has done their research to find out the answers for you:

Like all metals, stainless steel reactively leaches ions when cooking food (a biochemical entity) with heat acting as a catalyst. Stainless steel has magnesium, nickel, copper that react with water, steam, halogens and oxygen to form toxic compounds that combine with nutrients in food and are assimilated in the body. The accumulation of these toxins over time cause detrimental changes in the body in following 2 ways:

  1. They are broken down in the digestive system and are supplied to different parts of the body. Now when a cell needs a natural mineral, like calcium for enzymatic reactions, a chromium molecule is supplied to it and this cell now becomes dysfunctional. When such dysfunctional cells react with oxygen, they become free radicals. Free radicals cause an array of illnesses, cancer being one of them.
  2. When these foreign elements enter the body, the immune system immediately starts fighting them to eliminate them. But when more and more of these foreign elements enter into body with every meal, the immune system eventually weakens making it less capable of effectively fighting other serious diseases and sickness.

To overcome these effects, every healthy cook needs a pot that is free from metals and is completely inert, so nothing leaches while food is cooked in it. Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) – a pioneering company in US did its research and came up with a time-tested all-natural material that is NATURALLY inert and is perfect for making cooking pots – pure and natural unglazed primary clay or pure clay. MEC’s ergonomically designed pure clay pots and pans are rich in healthy features that make them perfect for healthy and nutritious cooking.

MEC pots are 100% non-toxic so do not leach and preserve delicate nutrients by cooking them with gentle far infrared heat. They also condense steam (water soluble nutrients) naturally so your food is rich in water soluble nutrients and provide your body its daily dose of all essential nutrients. If you are a healthy cook looking for a cookware that doesn’t leach and can preserve nutrients, then MEC is the perfect choice for you! Head over to MEC Store and order pure clay pots and pans today to have them delivered right at your doorstep anywhere in the world!

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