How Your Food and Health depends on Your Kitchenware?

There is a strong connection between our food and kitchenware: the kind of kitchenware our food comes in contact with day in and day out, decides its health. Food is a bio-chemical entity and while heat acting as a catalyst, it reacts to the elements leaching from the pot. So, in order to keep food free from toxins, non-toxic kitchenware must be a quintessential part of our kitchen.

Whether your kitchenware is toxic or not is determined by the kind of raw material used. While most conventional materials can contaminate your food by leaching metal and chemical toxins, a 100% non-toxic material can preserve your food’s health.

Luckily, a naturally non-toxic material (time honored and proven to be safe and secure by different cultures of the world by living healthier and sickness-free lives) is already being used to make kitchenware by a US based company called Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC). MEC uses unglazed primary clay as raw material – a naturally inert material free from chemicals or metals, untreated and unglazed to retain its health value.

Food stays healthy when served and stored in pure clay kitchenware because there are no toxins leaching into it. Also, pure clay is a great retainer of heat so food stays warm for longer and the need for re-heating arises less often. This way the energy generated from non-renewable sources is used more wisely and sparingly – making the planet a bit healthier every time.

Thus, using MEC pure clay kitchenware keeps your food, your body and the planet healthy! Head over to MEC Store and order pure clay kitchenware today to experience the goodness of this naturally healthy material, pure clay!

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