Why Healthy Cooks around the World trust these Best Pots and Pans?

The prime focus of a healthy cook is healthy, safe and non-toxic cooking which starts with choosing the right ingredients and the right pot. Most healthy cooks are great at choosing healthy, nutritious, organic/non-GMO ingredients for their recipes but choosing the best pots and pans often becomes a hassle with so much contradictory information available online. This article explains how a healthy cook can make the right choice:

The quality and health value of your food is directly affected by the pots and pans it is cooked in which in turn depends on the kind of material used to make those pots and pans. A healthy material would be the one that can cook food in the safest and healthiest way possible: 100% free from toxins and with no nutrient loss.

The conventional pots being made from metals or ceramics fail at both these aspects, especially because they reactively leach toxins while cooking food and modify its nutritional composition. Furthermore, they destroy most nutrients by radiating harsh near infrared heat. Cooking food in such pots can be a nightmare for any healthy cook, which calls for an alternative:

Pure and natural primary clay is a time-tested material trusted by different cultures around the world for being the only known material that is 100% non-toxic and healthy. Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) – a pioneering company has been making pots and pans from pure clay while making sure its natural composition and purity is preserved so the healthy cooks are not deprived in any way of the benefits of cooking in clay. Their cookware is handmade while strictly refraining from using fillers, additives or glazes of any kind.

MEC pots and pans are 100% non-toxic (proven through lab tests and alkaline baking soda test) and they cook the healthiest food with unique far infrared heat that keeps nutrients intact. This is the reason customers around the globe trust MEC for cooking the healthiest food. Head over to MEC Store and order their best pots and pans today to experience healthy cooking with pure clay!

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