8 Features and benefits of the Healthiest Dutch Oven

A Dutch oven is the king of the kitchen because it can single-handedly cook many types of foods and recipes. The healthiest Dutch Oven is the one made from pure-clay because it cooks 100% non-toxic, healthiest and most nutritious food. Miriams Earthen Cookware – a pioneering company based in USA makes pure clay Dutch ovens and sells them through their online store to customers around the globe.

Here are 8 features and benefits that make it the best dutch oven:

Naturally steam condensing

The water-soluble nutrients present as steam during cooking are often released through the vents in the lids of conventional metal/ceramic pots. Pure clay Dutch oven pots naturally condense steam on the inner side of the lid (which stays less hot than rest of the pot) and falls back into the food during cooking. This is a great way this healthiest dutch oven stays true to its name.

100% non-toxic raw material

While metals and ceramics leach toxins and contaminate food during cooking, pure clay is naturally inert and doesn’t leach. As a result, the food cooked in pure clay is free from toxins. This is another way a pure clay Dutch oven keeps your food healthy.

No glaze, no coating

MEC uses no glazes, coatings or chemicals to keep the pot as healthy as the raw material. This is also a reason a pure clay dutch oven is the healthiest cookware.

Easier to clean

The walls of a pure clay Dutch oven are semi-porous, they allow oxygen to pass through easily so the food cooks with sufficient oxygen and doesn’t stick. This makes it easier to clean just by using baking soda, no soap needed (almost all soaps have toxins regardless of what they are labeled as)!

Made in USA with raw materials from the USA

MEC makes pure clay Dutch oven in USA using raw material harvested from unfarmed and non-industrialized lands in the USA, after testing several samples at a state lab. This is how MEC ensures they are making the healthiest dutch oven because when the raw material or product is imported from a different country, the information on its purity is limited and often unreliable.


MEC pots and pans are handmade by throwing the raw material on a potter’s wheel and using skillful hands to shape it into usable pots. This is because any mechanized process of making pots calls for use of chemicals and MEC wants to give you the healthiest dutch oven at any cost.

Heat retaining

Pure clay Dutch oven is a great heat retainer, thanks to unique far infrared heat – it keeps the food warm for 5-6 hours after it is cooked. This removes the need for heating and re-heating the food every time it is served. At times, the food keeps cooking even after the heat source is turned off, so it saves energy. This is a great advantage over metal/ceramic pots because they lose heat pretty fast as soon you stop heating them, and this makes a pure clay pot the best dutch oven.

Naturally non-stick

A pure clay Dutch oven becomes naturally non-stick when seasoned well (used a few times). It starts repelling food from sticking to the walls without any toxic coating.

All these features and benefits make pure clay pot the best dutch oven and it is time you start cooking the healthiest food for your family. Visit MEC Store to order yours today!


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