Choosing the Safest Cookware? Look for these 3 Things:

The safest cookware is the one that keeps your food and the environment healthy and doesn’t contaminate them in any way. While conventional metal and ceramic cookware are known to leach toxins while cooking and pollute the environment in many ways, it is important to look for the safest cookware for healthy cooking. Here are 3 important things to look for when choosing the safest cookware:

1. What It’s Made of?

Cooking healthy food calls for a material that is inert so doesn’t react to ingredients or nutrients, and modify its composition making it toxic. Conventional cookware is typically made of metals or ceramics, both reactively leach at cooking temperature and contaminate the food. This happens because all metals (ceramics has chemicals containing metal compounds) are innately reactive. The chemicals used in glazes and enamels to give a cookware that shiny, colorful and finished look only makes matters worse.

On the other hand, all-natural pure clay is inert and the cookware made from pure clay have been used by one civilization after the other because our ancestors knew not to mess with the time-tested method of healthy cooking in clay pots. No wonder they lived a longer and healthier life than we do today!

2. How It Cooks Your Food?

Conventional cookware cooks your food with harsh near infrared heat that destroys essential nutrients and make your food nutrition deficient. A cookware that leaches toxins and takes away the nutritional value from your food – can such cookware be called the safest? No way!

This calls for an alternative and again, all-natural pure clay cookware comes to the rescue. Pure clay radiates unique far infrared heat that is food-friendly and is gentle on delicate nutrients. It penetrates deep into food and cooks thoroughly and evenly at low heat so there is no nutritional loss. An ergonomically designed pure clay pot and lid can manage steam (water soluble nutrients) in excellent manner so you get your daily dose of water-soluble nutrients.

3. How It Affects the Environment?

The effect of a cookware on the environment is often overlooked but if you observe how the manufacturing, transport, and use of a cookware affects the planet in different ways, you will be surprised. The mining, extraction, processing of raw material, and making of metal cookware releases so many pollutants into the environment and do irreversible damage to the eco-system.

On the contrary, the harvesting of pure clay from earth’s surface, making of cookware using bare hands with no chemicals and disposal of a pure clay pot after the end of its useful cycle are all 100% safe for the environment.

Thus, pure clay cookware stands out on all three factors while choosing the safest cookware and here is where you can get it from:

Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) is a US based company that has been making the safest cookware from pure clay for more than a decade. Their pots and pans can be ordered through their online store and they ship worldwide. Give them a try to experience the goodness of pure clay!

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