100% Non-toxic Cookware & Bakeware: The Art & Science behind making them

100% non-toxic cookware is the need of the hour. Food is our sustenance and if we are cooking it in toxic pots and pans, it is of little good value in the body!

All metals are reactive and when food is cooked in them, they inevitably leach metal ions and contaminate food. Another issue with conventional cookware is that their heat is so harsh on the delicate nutrients, damaging a lot of it by the time food is done cooking. With this kind of cookware, we end up with a steady dose of contaminated, deficient food on a regular basis!!

In order to cook healthy food, you need a cookware made from 100% non-toxic material so it doesn’t leach and also keeps nutrients intact. The only such material is pure and primary clay – an all-natural material that is time tested and is our best shot at making truly healthy and non-toxic cookware. Just like rain water is the purest form of water, so also pure clay is the purest form of “earth” available to us from ‘mother’ nature.

Miriam’s Earthen Cookware (MEC) – an all-American company has been making pots and pans from pure clay for more than a decade now. Their cookware is uniquely different not just from their metal counterparts, but also from other cookware commonly made from clay. There are various steps this company takes to make sure your cookware is indeed 100% non-toxic and healthy:

MEC harvests clay from secluded and non-industrialized lands after testing samples in a state lab for any possible contaminants. In order to not use chemicals or additives, MEC adopts the time-tested method of throwing clay on a potter’s wheel and using skillful hands to shape it into pots and pans. No glazes (Read dangers of glazed cookware) is used for finishing, because when it comes to cookware, it’s not about the appearance, but how healthy it keeps your food while cooking, that is really important.

Also, MEC pots and pans are ergonomically designed for optimum steam management. The lid being cooler than the pot lets steam (water soluble nutrients) condense on its inner surface and fall back into food. The gentle far infrared heat from MEC pure clay pots preserve the delicate nutrients. In this way, MEC cooks food that is not just 100% non-toxic but also nutritionally dense, and according to the customers, food tastes amazing too!!

Intrigued? Feel free to try an MEC pot yourself to experience the healthfulness of pure clay, head over to MEC Store and order a pure clay pot today!

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