For healthy & safe cooking, choose a healthy cookware:

In a world full of elusive marketing campaigns and a number of products and ingredients claiming to be healthy and safe while actually not being so, cooking healthy is not an easy task. If you have chosen safe and healthy cooking despite all the challenges, you are already doing a great job. Healthy cooking is the need of the hour looking at so many health problems our families are facing these days. But it’s really important that your very first step must be choosing healthy pots and pans – why? Let’s find out:

Why start with healthy cookware?

A cooking pot affects the health of your food to a greater extent than you’d ever imagine. Even if you choose all natural, organic and healthy ingredients but your cookware is unhealthy, all your efforts can go in vain. This is because an unhealthy pot – like the traditional ones made from metals or ceramics – leaches while cooking and contaminates food. No matter how nutritious and healthy your recipe is, toxic cookware will take it all away and turn your food into slow-poison for your body.

How does your cookware affect your food?

A cooking pot affects your food’s health in mainly three ways:

  1. By leaching toxins from the pot into food’s nutrients that are breaking down while cooking and converting them into substances that are detrimental to organs.
  2. By destroying delicate nutrients with their harsh heat leaving food nutritionally deficient and thus, depriving your body of the essential nutrients needed for proper functioning.
  3. Quickly letting most of the water-soluble nutrients out in the form of steam. Water soluble nutrients are so critical to everyday functioning and they are almost all gone in conventional pots.

This is why the first thing you need for healthy cooking is healthy pots and pans that are 100% non-toxic, can cook without destroying nutrients and retaining water soluble nutrients.

Which cookware makes the difference and why?

Humankind has used clay pots for cooking since the beginning of time. This is also the reason our ancestors lived a longer and healthier life. They refrained from using toxic metal pots for cooking, although they well versed in metallurgy. But today, we can see how common metal cookware is and equally common are the health problems. It is almost impossible to find a person who is absolutely free from sickness or diseases – thanks to this unhealthy practice of cooking in metals. This is why it is high time we switch to pure clay pots once again.

Pure clay makes the healthiest and safest cookware for the following reasons:

  1. Pure clay is naturally free from metal and chemical toxins so it doesn’t leach while cooking and thus food remains uncontaminated.
  2. It cooks with earth’s unique far infrared heat that cooks by preserving nutrients.
  3. We talked about the importance of steam in food: ergonomically designed MEC’s pure clay pots and lid can manage steam (water soluble nutrients) in the best way – the lid being cooler than the rest of the pot, lets steam condense on its inner surface and fall back into food. This is so unlike conventional pots that have vents to release steam!
  4. These healthy pots and pans are healthy for the planet too. While safe disposal of metal cookware is a big challenge, the pure clay pots, after the end of their useful life-cycle, go back to the same earth where they come from without affecting the environment in any way.

In USA, Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) is a pioneering company that has been making healthy, safe and green pot using pure clay for more than a decade now. Their healthy pots and pans have already helped thousands of people to recover their health naturally (the owner is one of them!), and more people are adopting this cookware every day.

Are you thinking about switching to healthy cookware? Then go ahead and try a MEC pot today, you will surely love it and the food cooked in it!

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