Clay Cookware cooks food that makes a difference: Delicious, Healthy & Pure!

Miriam’s Earthen Cookware, popularly known as ‘MEC’ is a pioneering company based in the US, serving people all around the globe with the best pots and pans made from the healthiest material ever used by humankind – all-natural, unglazed primary clay!

It is not just another cookware brand; when it comes to cooking healthy food, they mean business. No more false claims or misleading information that often come accompanied by an asterisk (*), MEC confidently shares the test results of their raw material from a US state lab proving their pots and pans are 100% non-toxic.

MEC takes healthy cooking to the next level by making the best pots and pans by following the age-old method of harvesting clay from earth’s crust, throwing it on a potter’s wheel and shaping it into pots and pans using skillful hands. As no chemicals, additives, glazes or enamels are used, all the goodness of pure clay can be observed in the food cooked in MEC:

100% Non-toxic

Cooking food in these non-toxic pots and pans makes sure food is free from contaminants. In fact, they eliminate any toxins present in the ingredients or water used for cooking. This makes them very different from conventional metals or ceramics that reactively leach into food during cooking.

Preserve Nutrients

The cookware manufacturers often use terms like non-stick, long-lasting, microwave-safe etc. in their sales pitch but they conveniently omit discussing the health value of the pots and its effects on food’s nutrients!!

MEC’s main focus of course is the health value of the pot, not just to the user but also the planet.  Pure clay cooks with gentle far infrared heat that keeps nutrients intact. And the presence of delicate nutrients like flavonoids, phytonutrients and complex carbs can be observed in the natural taste and color of food, and the way it keeps you full for longer. Unlike conventional, MEC also naturally condenses steam (water-soluble nutrients) so you don’t miss out on your daily dose of these essential nutrients.

Best Pots and Pans – the MEC Guarantee!

MEC is very confident about the health value of their pots and pans and this reflects in their price match program:

“Find another 100% Pure Clay pot with at least 90% of MEC’s features, selling for less? Contact us and we’ll be happy to beat their price or give ours for FREE.”

And this level of confidence seems just about right when they are leaving no stone unturned in bringing the purest and healthiest pots and pans to your kitchens! Would you like to see the difference MEC can make to your food? Head over to MEC Store and order your pots and pans today!

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